Koko Head Crater Trail Hike in Hawaii

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Koko Head Crater Trail Hike in Hawaii

Koko Head Crater Trail Hike in Hawaii While there are so many things to see and do when you visit Hawaii, there are some sites far off the beaten track. Let Discover Hawaii Tours show you one of the most breathtaking locations in Oahu – the Koko Head Crater with a sunrise hiking tour that takes you far away from the ordinary and into a world of dramatic coastal views, native plants and wildlife, and a secluded cove nestled in one of the most beautiful locations on the island. If you love to hike and take in all that nature has to offer, this is the tour for you!

Step Out of the Ordinary

There are many different kinds of walking tours available in Oahu, but only Discover Hawaii Tours can take you to a whole new world with our Koko Head Crater Adventure. Slip on your hiking shoes as we pick you up from your hotel and drive to the base of the crater, where we will begin our hike before the sun rises.

This crater, created by a long-dormant volcano, is 1,200 feet high and offers some of the most amazing views of Hanauma Bay and the south coast, which sparkle at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

As you hike up the imposing path, your experienced tour guide will tell you a bit about the history of the crater and the path itself, once used for military access. You’ll reach the top just in time to experience a glorious sunrise over the ocean and the coast, which will give you plenty of time to take pictures.

Koko Head Crater Trail Hike in Hawaii

Your Koko Head Crater tour isn’t complete once you finish the hike. After a chance to rest and watch the sunrise, your guide will take you to the Halona Blowhole and Halona Cove.

The blowhole, which shoots up geysers of water between underwater caves with high tide, is something that must be seen to be believed. On windy days, some of these geysers shoot up to impressive heights, making for photo opportunities you won’t see anywhere else.

You’ll even get a chance to cool off in the waters of Halona Cove, which was used in the famous beach scene in the classic film From Here to Eternity. You’ll also enjoy a delicious breakfast, courtesy of the Moena Café, before we drop you back at your hotel.

You won’t see sights like this anywhere else on the island, and it’s a great way to get some fun exercise while you’re on vacation. Keep in mind that the hike is a steep one, and you should bring plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes designed for this kind of terrain.

For an adventure you’ll never forget, give Discover Hawaii Tours a call and book your Koko Head Crater Tour today. From eye-popping sunrises to a refreshing swim in the clear waters of Halona Cove, this experience is like no other on the island. Step away from the ordinary and see a side to Oahu that will live in your memory forever.

Koko Head Crater Trail Hike in Hawaii

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