Best Guide Polynesian Cultural Center Tour and Tickets

Best Guide Polynesian Cultural Center Tour

Best Guide Polynesian Cultural Center Tour and Tickets

A tour to Hawaii is incomplete without a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center. There are many tours on Oahu that incorporate a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center however, we also offer inter-island tours from Maui Big Island and Kauai that give you the opportunity to experience the center.

At the Polynesian Cultural Center you will see a variety of games and traditions dating back to the original ways of life for the Polynesian islands. These traditions still exist to this day, spreading the sustainable and easygoing lifestyle throughout the islands.

One of the tours on Oahu that gives you the opportunity to experience a broad array of the most popular attractions is the Pearl Harbor Dole Plantation Polynesian Cultural Center Tour

This tour enables you to see everything in one action-packed day, including Pearl Harbor the USS Arizona Memorial the famous North Shore of Oahu and the Polynesian Cultural Center’s island villages. As an added bonus, you will also get treated to a delicious barbeque buffet lunch.

Another all-inclusive package from Oahu, which still incorporates the Polynesian Cultural Center, is the Ultimate Hawaii Experience Package. This package incorporates three complete Hawaii tours (on two of the islands): Oahu and Big Island. The Ultimate Hawaii Experience Package is basically three tours: the Oahu Circle Island Tour (which also includes a visit to Pearl Harbor), the Ali’i Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and the One-Day Volcano-Eco Tour from Oahu. Throughout this Ultimate Experience package, you are going to learn about the rich history of Hawaii from the beginning. You will see and experience not only the raw, natural power that formed the islands but also learns the stories and culture of the Polynesian travelers who settled the islands. Finally, you will also get the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor and go back in time to relive the events that took place on that fateful day.

If you are going to be staying on Oahu and would like to spend a day exploring the Polynesian cultural history and Pearl Harbor all in one, then the Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Center Tour is a perfect day trip for you. Like many of our tours on Oahu, there is roundtrip pick-up and drop-off from your Waikiki hotel. You will get more than just a tour of the Polynesian Cultural Center, but also the Dole Pineapple Pavilion, demonstrations at the island s villages, a barbeque lunch buffet, the Polynesian Canoe Pageant, cooking demonstrations, and Polynesian games. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor, hear a Historic World War II narration, watch footage of the attacks that lead to World War II, view the USS Arizona Memorial, and much, much more.

Remember, Discover Hawaii Tours offers at least three different tours on Oahu to the Polynesian Cultural Center as well as inter-island tours from Maui Big Island and Kauai The importance of the Polynesian cultural history cannot be overstated when we say it will greatly enhance the depth and richness of your Hawaii vacation. Come and experience the islands in all their grandeur, and venture back in time to see how the original inhabitants lived then, and how they flourish today. Book your Polynesian Cultural Center tour now.


Best Guide Polynesian Cultural Center Tour and Tickets

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