The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List

Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List

The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List


The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List What to pack for Hawaii is the first question that crosses your mind as soon as you plan a trip to Hawaii. If you are already clear about your Hawaii vacation packing list, then you can just take the essentials and save yourself from the issues of taking more or fewer items.
We have compiled a packing list for Hawaii so that you travel light and enjoy a carefree Hawaii vacation.

What To Bring And What To Skip On Your Hawaii Tour

Don’t take the stress of packing everything in one suitcase while traveling to Hawaii. You are planning a vacation not displaying your closet. To enjoy Hawaii activities, pack light!
Below is the break down that touches on all the essentials about what you absolutely need to bring or skip on your Hawaii tour

What To Bring To Hawaii

The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing ListClothing
There are some core basics when it comes to clothing. The type of clothing should be such that lets you have fun while being comfortable. You want to pack a lot of activewear such as shorts, tank tops, and T-shirts. You will surely want to go on hiking, lounging by the beach in your Hawaii tour and for all that you need a swimsuit, t-shirts/tank tops, tennis shoes, a hat, undergarments, socks, pajamas and hiking shoes/boots, (in case you are planning to go for extreme hikes). You might feel the need for a pair of jeans and a light jacket if you hang out at night or by the shore as it can be a bit chilly there.
The nature of the island is relaxed that you will spend most of your vacation exploring it and you will understand why there is no need to go for heavy packing at all!

Your toiletries should be packed before you jet off to Hawaii. It includes personal medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, make-up, hand sanitizer, brush, and hair products. If you need toiletries, you can purchase them from any store on the island. You can also ask the front desk agent at your Hawaiian resort about the location of the nearest store.

Outdoor Gear

If you are planning on camping in Hawaii then you need some outdoor gear. If not then it is still better to bring reef-safe sunscreen, UV-protective sunglasses, a small towel, comfortable, and one thing that is a must: a supportive backpack. Your backpack will carry everything that you need from tours to hiking without straining your back or neck.

Miscellaneous Items
Pack some of the miscellaneous but necessary items including an extra bag for souvenirs which will help you to decide how much you can get back to the mainland. You can go on a shopping spree if you bring a complete suitcase to be checked. And you can stay within your shopping budget if you get a small duffel bag as an extra carry-on. Also, some emergency cash and a refillable water bottle will be helpful as well. You can refill your water bottle as per need and when trying to stick to a budget a refillable water bottle comes in handy.

What Not To Bring To Hawaii

The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List
Would you bring shorts to a vacation in the North Pole? Of course not! Similarly, there are many items that you should never bring with you when traveling to Hawaii.

These clothing items should not make it to your packing list for Hawaii. It is a waste to bring expensive dresses/clothing, high heels, winter jackets, bulky sweaters/sweatshirts, scarves, knit hats, gloves or boots. You are not on a Hawaii vacation to attend a wedding or an upscale event, so there is no need to bring the ball gowns or tuxedos. A sundress and shirt with a tie are fine even if there is a plan of a dinner cruise.

There are some toiletries that are not needed in Hawaii. Don’t bring items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, a hairdryer and towels to Hawaii. Yes, that is right. Don’t bring them because the resort you will be staying in already has soap, shampoo, conditioner, a hairdryer, and even more. There is no need to pack such items when you can already get them in Hawaii. And the whole deal that the airport security line has with liquids can also be skipped.

Outdoor Gear
Hawaii has diverse landscapes but there are some outdoor items such as snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, beach toys and chairs, boogie boards, surfboards that you should leave at home.

Miscellaneous Items
The Ultimate Hawaii Vacation Packing List
Items in Violation of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Restrictions, laptops and expensive technology are some of the items that should not be included in your Hawaii vacation packing list whether you are visiting Hawaii for leisure or adventure.
You will have to fill out a survey on the flight from the mainland to Hawaii which clarifies if you are bringing any plants and/or animals to the islands. Do not bring anything that is on this official list.
Expensive gadgets are not usually needed during a Hawaii vacation. Also, you don’t have to worry about them being stolen or forgotten. However, you can bring your phone, camera, and respective charging cables, or any such gadget which you feel is required.

Now plan your itinerary and tour as Discover Hawaii Tours makes it easier for you by bringing package deals and fun activities.

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