Na Pali Coast Catamaran Tours Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Catamaran Tours Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Catamaran Tour Hawaii

Discover Hawaii Tours has your all-access pass to exploring the Na Pali coastline in a way you never dreamed. Located in Kauai, this historic island was the first in Hawaii to be inhabited by man and features some of the most beautiful and dramatic views in the area. Many people who visit Hawaii never get the chance to see the coastline, as you cannot get there by car, but our Na Pali Coast Catamaran tour Hawaii gives you an experience that offers so much more than just a beautiful view. From snorkeling and swimming to a fresh and tasty lunch, we don’t leave out a thing.

Enjoy Our Majestic Catamaran

Why spend hours hiking in the heat in order to reach the coastline when you can ride there in the comfort of our catamaran? This amazing watercraft is 60 feet long, which means there’s plenty of room for you and your family to enjoy the coastal views. Not only is it roomy, but it includes a number of great conveniences, such as full-service showers that feature fresh water and clean, comfortable restrooms.

There’s also a large swimming platform and even a waterslide for the kids to enjoy while you snorkel and enjoy sightseeing. Our tour even includes a cold, fresh deli lunch so you don’t have to worry about packing your own food. With all of these amenities included, you can view the coast in comfort without having to be concerned about being stuck in the water for hours without facilities.

Discover a Whole New World

Our experienced tour guides won’t just show you the Na Pali coastline, they’ll show you a whole new world beneath the water’s surface. After learning how to snorkel and receiving safety gear from our certified instructors, you’ll be able to dive down and observe all the coastline ecosystem has to offer, teeming with different species of tropical fish and even the chance to spot a sea turtle.

We provide you with all of the gear you’ll need for this amazing experience, and the price is all included as part of the tour. After you snorkel, we’ll have a variety of beer, wine, and Mai Tai’s for you to enjoy (21 and over only). Don’t worry ”we’ll also provide plenty of tasty drinks for the kids as well.

Views Like No Other

Because our observation deck is so roomy, you’ll have more than enough opportunity to view some of the most amazing sights the coastline has to offer, such as dramatic, plunging waterfalls and majestic, coastal cliffs. There’s no better way to see these breathtaking views than from the comfort of our catamaran, and because we can venture so close to the shoreline, the opportunity for stunning picture taking is unbelievable.

The ocean views of Na Pali are accessible from no other point on Kauai, so you’re sure to have some amazing shots to show off to your family and friends. The chance to see historic Kauai and the panoramic Na Pali coastline is just a phone call away. Book our Na Pali Coast catamaran tour Hawaii now to experience this one-of-a-kind locale in complete comfort and style.

Na Pali Coast Catamaran Tours Hawaii