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Hawaii Mountain Bike Adventure

Hawaii Bike Tours

Hawaii Bike tours are a popular activity in Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii. Since 1976, The Hawaiian Bicycle League has worked hard to make Hawaii a bicycle-friendly place for both locals and tourists alike. Cycling is a great way to get out and see the scenery while enjoying a healthy physical activity. Oahu has a couple of different bike adventures to choose from that offer a memorable experience.

Hawaii Bike Tours Oahu

One Day Combo Tour

The full-day Hawaii Bike, Hike, snorkel, and sail adventure is a true outdoor excursion. First, you travel by foot through a beautiful rainforest on a fun hike to discover the Moa waterfall, which reaches an astonishing 200 feet. This fall empties into a crystal, sparkling pool of fresh water and is a beautiful site to see. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture its majesty. There are lots of birds, plants, lizards, and tropical flora to enjoy in this tucked-away paradise.

The Hawaii bike tour then begins atop one of Oahu’s infamous volcanoes where you will set off on a downhill excursion. Along the path, there are plenty of photo opportunities you will be able to take advantage of along your journey. Luckily, the ride is not too rigorous, so you can continue on to the next tier of your adventure.

The Snorkel and sail is the final part of your day’s adventure, offering a calm and relaxing moment where you can sail in a 38-foot boat, possibly catching glimpses of sea turtles or tropical fish that roam the waters. Also, the views are spectacular from your seat, and you are able to see the lovely landscapes of Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, and downtown Honolulu. This tour also includes a delicious meal, as well as your bikes and helmets.

A naturalist tour guide is also there to provide information about everything you see along the way. You will learn about the freshwater reefs and witness tropical views at every turn. Also, if you plan in advance, we offer presale tickets for future dates as well.

Mountain Bike Adventure

The Oahu Mountain Bike Adventure offers Hawaii bike tours to the more serious cyclists a full, bike adventure and lots of physical exercises. You will ride through the valley of Kalona Ranch and enjoy mountain views and lush landscapes before heading toward the coast. You will find the view of our beaches is spectacular, and before you know it, you’ll encounter the Kualoa Valley rainforest. This valley has a rich history dating back to Hawaiian Royalty.

The course is not difficult and most bikers can finish the course with ease. Everything you need is provided for the tour, including your helmet and bike. Of course, during and after the ride, you will likely be hungry, so we provide snacks and meals. This tour is a complete package for any day of your vacation.

Whether you re looking for a little variety for your stay or you want to focus solely on a bike tour, one of our great tours is sure to please. You can find more information by looking up our tours and package prices online

Hawaii Bike Tours Maui

Haleakala Bike Company Tours

Enjoy the breathtaking Sunrise on Haleakala, then bike down the volcano experiencing all the wonders of upcountry Maui from your bike. Or sleep in and take a later tour of the volcano and get the same experience biking down the volcano. The third option is to just do the bike ride which is perfect for those who want a quick upcountry tour.

There is only one option with Haleakala Bike Company for the Maui sunrise Hawaii bike tours. The option is to drive to the base yard in Haiku. Some members of the group may want to be included in the activity but have no desire to ride a bike down Haleakala. The van tour option is a perfect solution for that type of situation. The rates are also much cheaper than the van option with other companies. This feature separates their Hawaii bike tours from everyone else.