10 Reasons Why Christmas Is Unique In Hawaii

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10 Reasons Why Christmas Is Unique In Hawaii

Hawaii celebrates Christmas in its own way, check out our top 10 Reasons Why Christmas Is Unique In Hawaii. Enjoy the sunshine and tropical weather of Hawaii during holidays, go for the post-Christmas morning surf and dress up as Santa, spend your time at magnificent islands, please yourself during Christmas celebrations, enjoy displays and light shows.

Below are the top 10 reasons why you should consider Christmas in Hawaii.

1. Escape The Winter Blues

December can be a hard time for those who want to achieve their goals and meet their deadlines before the year ends. You can lessen your worries and run off to the island. It might be the perfect way to evade freezing temperatures, and also work pressures. Let the sunshine in Hawaii melt all your worries away. Don’t worry about the expenses as Discover Hawaii Tours offers the best package deals for the holiday season.

2. Experience The Holidays Island-Style

It can be any time of the year and you will still have unparalleled experience in Hawaii. The distinctive culture, landscapes, and history of Hawaii are very different, from anything you have seen so far and this is what makes it a fascinating place. Christmas on Oahu is a particularly great experience and one you should certainly consider. Santa paddles to the shore in an outrigger canoe in Hawaii.

3. Give Amazing Gifts

Give your family unforgettable memories. Gifts might end up collecting dust someday but memories last forever. You can gift your spouse a helicopter tour from Oahu to volcanoes. Show active lava flowing on the Big Island to your kids. Let them learn surfing lessons at Waikiki Beach or go for a relaxing Hawaiian lomilomi massage.

4. Surf Competitions

The months of November to February is one of the busiest seasons for surfing because the winter months bring some of Hawaii’s most powerful waves. The event called the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing happens during the Christmas season. You can go to the North Shore and witness the greatest surfing champions of the world battle mighty waves.

5. Family-Focused Events

Even if you restrict yourselves to the family-focused events yet your kids are likely to make friends their age at the pool, even at the hotels. This happens because people usually bring their kids throughout the holidays. Many hotels offer Christmas events, and even the streets offer fun activities during Christmas in Hawaii. There are Christmas caroling events, free musical shows, and performances. Christmas parades happen on every island. There are craft-making fairs that let your kids trying making Hawaiian ornaments. Make celebrating the holidays, island-style your new tradition.

6. See Christmas Colors In The Wild

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park allows you to see Christmas colors in the wild. You can go on a day trip from Maui to volcano national park and go hiking, trekking or watch the red glow of lava flowing from the Halemaumau Crater after dark.

7. Admire Christmas Decorations

You can admire all the spectacular Christmas decorations and not worrying about freezing to death. Hawaii is home to amazing light displays, parades, festivals, and decorations. You can enjoy the Christmas cheer even while resting poolside.

8. Rock Around The Banyan Tree

Maui’s famed Banyan Tree is transformed into a holiday fête every December on Lahaina’s Front Street. Its branches are covered with thousands of colorful lights, and crowds gather to take a walk in the park or just to look at the craft festivals.

9. Seek Out Snow

Witness white Christmas in Hawaii at Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Both, usually get an early coat of snow. If you want, you can only enjoy the views of the peaks from places like Hilo Bay, Kohala Mountain Road, and Daniel K. Inouye Highway in Waimea.

10. Christmas In Hawaii Package Deals

Travel prices will be higher because of the holiday season. Discover Hawaii Tours provide you the best deals available and our expert guides will help you to make your trip a memorable one.