What To Bring To Hawaii

If you’re preparing for an exciting vacation to paradise, check out these tips on what to bring to Hawaii. You may just find yourself saying “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

What to bring to Hawaii

Waterproof iPhone case

Do you have a waterproof camera? Probably not. But that’s OK because why buy a new camera for your trip when you can turn your iPhone into an underwater camera? Waterproof cases for iPhones are a great way to get great vacation shots, protect your phone, and save money! If you’re thinking about what to bring to Hawaii, this should definitely be on your list. Get great photos and video of your underwater adventures!
Plus with all the amazing photo apps like Instagram out there, you’ll be able to take your vacation photos to the next level and share them with your friends at the same time! Shop online for the best deals, but be sure to allow enough time for shipping so you can be sure to have it for your vacation!

A “beater” backpack

A great idea for what to bring to Hawaii is a junk or “beater” backpack. Something you can take to the beach and get sandy, get wet, or get dirty without having to worry about it.

“Beater” sunglasses

The same thing goes for sunglasses. Either bring a pair of “beater” shades or pick some up here. Starting around $6.99 you can find them in men’s and women’s styles and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t scratch up your favorite pair of designer shades.

Bring a travel mug

Almost every hotel room comes with a coffee maker and Hawaiian coffee. Bring a travel mug and not only will you be saving a few bucks every morning, but you can take it with you for whatever you have planned for the day. If you need more than a regular “cup of Joe” to get your day going, check out these great coffee shops in Waikiki.

Bring a light jacket

Though it may be a sunny paradise, it still rains frequently in Hawaii. How do you think everything stays so green?! It’s a wise idea to bring a light jacket or a windbreaker at the very least. Hopefully this list of what to bring to Hawaii help you with some ideas you may not have had already.

More helpful tips

For many more ideas, check out this recent blog post titled “The Only Hawaii Packing List You Need.” Aloooha!

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