There is so Much Wonder Waiting for you In Oahu!

Waikiki BeachDiscover Hawaii Tours loves Oahu and if you are visiting Hawai’i, they want you to fall in love with it too! That’s why there are so many fantastic tour options for the island available for couples, families, and visitors of all ages, abilities, and personalities! Whether you prefer to sit back on the bus and listen as history is presented, or if you would prefer to shop and wander, or hike the hidden waterfalls of Oahu, there is a tour for you.

Here are some of the favorites:

Pearl Harbor

Any visit to Hawai’i needs to include a trip to Pearl Harbor. There is no place like it, and no feeling like going from the USS Arizona memorial, looking down at the sunken ship’s dripping oil, the black tears that still flow to this day, and then climbing up onto the deck of the USS Missouri and the standing in the exact spot where the war was ended by emissaries of the Japanese Empire, the United States, and our allies in the Pacific. The tour options are diverse, from early bird options to more complete experiences that get you into the ships and museums that make the site as rich and intelligent a destination as it is.

The Hidden Waterfall

This isn’t a tour: it’s an adventure. Journey with Discover  Hawai’i’s tour guides out of Waikiki and into the lush jungle of Oahu’s windward coast. This is a hiking tour, so you’ll want good shoes and sunblock. But the journey is worth it. Not only is the waterfall so, so stunning, but the rainforest is teeming with birds, plants, and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else. Your guide is guaranteed to be an experienced naturalist who will see you safely from start to end, and answer all the questions you have . You spend enough time on the beaten path… This Eco-Tour is not something that you’ll want to miss!

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Learn what hides in the warm  heart and memory of Hawai’i on Oahu North Shore Tours. Discover Hawaii Tours will take you to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north shore where you will learn what Hawai’i was, what ancient Polynesians thought and how they lived, what they ate and the songs they sang… the tour rounds out with trips to the Dole Pineapple plantation, movie locations, beaches, temples, and oh so much more.

I could write for pages about all the tours that Discover Hawaii Tours offers, from Oahu Cruise and Oahu Snorkeling Tours, to the circle Island Tour Oahu makes unforgettable with its greatest sites. No matter what Oahu Tours And Activities and you decide on, Discover Hidden Hawaii Tours is the best option you will find. Just call the operators at 808-690-9050, to see for yourself and reserve your seat for the Oahu adventures you won’t want to miss. 

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