3 Reasons Not to Overlook Kauai

Visitors across the world visit the islands of Hawai’i, dreaming of lounging on the beach and swimming in waterfalls, of climbing the slopes of Mt. Kilauea to look down into fire, and rounding the curves of the beautiful Hana Hawai’i in Maui.

But there is another island that is all too frequently overlooked–Kauai, the Hawaiian Island of Gardens, the small town topical paradise. Even if you decide to spend your trip in bustling Oahu or sunny Maui, you can see the very best that Kauai has to offer with Discover Hawaii Tours. Here are three fantastic reasons to make Kauai a part of your island getaway:

1. Kauai is absolutely beautiful, even for Hawai’i!
Kauai is the oldest of the islands and the tropical jungles here have had millennia to settle in, making the once volcanic land the lush garden that it is today. Some of the most beautiful features are on the Na Pali coast where Kauai boat tours and Kauai Sea tours are available for sunset voyages or daytime whale watching, or the Waimea Canyon where Captain Cook once landed and Kauai Hiking tours cross red cliffs and steep rugged beauty. These locations are so beautiful they’ve been featured in dozens of Hollywood films from Jurassic Park to Lilo and Stitch (in fact Kauai Movie Tours are quite a hit as well)!

2. You can take tours that go beyond sightseeing!

Kauai offers tours that go beyond what you might expect. You can go whale watching and snorkeling off the Na Pali coast, Hiking up to the Waimea Canyon, or race along through the jungle canopy with Kauai zip line Tours. If an afternoon in an air-conditioned van driving from location to location doesn’t intrigue you, then Kauai might just have the adventures you are thirsting for!

3. All the other islands are still open to you!

The team at Discover Hawaii Tours believes strongly that Hawai’i should be open to everyone and the wonder and beauty and best of each island should be open to everyone. That’s why they offer affordable and fantastically rated inter-island tours from Kauai to the best of Hawai’i. You want to see Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, or Pearl Harbor, or the Hana Highway? Why not! Air fare and van pickups are included so that you don’t need to stress. Just visit DiscoverHawaiiTours.com or call the operators at 808-690-9050, to build a vacation experience full of Kauai Tours and Activities that you and your loved ones will never forget.

Aloha friends, and welcome!


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