Best Guide to Choosing a Pearl Harbor Tour that is RIGHT for you?

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Best Guide to Choosing a Pearl Harbor Tour

If you’re having trouble choosing a Pearl Harbor tour that is right for your and your family, then the information contained in this Hawaii tours blog will help you solve your problem and book the right Pearl Harbor tour

The following exclusive interview is with the owner and operator of Discover Hidden Hawaii Tour who runs their very own Tours and transportation to Pearl Harbor Visitors Center and has all the , local, state  and federal permits to operate tours at Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and the Arizona Memorial.

Also to operate  island tours on Oahu Maui Kauai and Hawaii Big Island

But instead of me telling you about choosing the Pearl Harbor Tour that is best for you, I’m going to direct you to read the interview below with Leo Malagon, the former President of Discover Hawaii Tours.

The Interview

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and Discover Hawaii Tours.

A: My wife and I are both USA Veteran with two beautiful children. We are very active in running our tour company and very involved in supporting our USA veterans have been doing this for 20 years now and just love it. We love what we do – to help our visitors plan the best  Hawaii vacation experience.  Wife runs the books, and I run the operation and the tour guide.  I am also a tour guide.

Discover Hawaii Tour company focus is to provide the best vacation experiences to our Hawaii visitors. We are not a reseller we are a tour operator specializing in Pearl Harbor Tour, Circle Island Tours,  Road to Hana  & Volcano Eco Adventure in Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii Big Island.

Q: What are the biggest challenges for guest on finding and choosing a Pearl Harbor tours that is best for them?

 A: OMG! There so many fake websites selling Pearl Harbor Tours that is really hard for the consumer to choose not only the right tour for them from a real tour provider with all the state and federal permits

 For  this resellers, their focus is to make a fast buck and sell you a Pearl Harbor Tour with company legal or not that pays them a commission.

A visit to Pearl Harbor is an experience of a lifetime to to see a WWII battleground and the location where so many people died because of the surprise attack by Japan. This is event forced the USA to enter the most devastating War in the history of mankind.

Q: What made you create Discover Hawaii Tours?

A: When I got out of the USA Army, I decided to state in Hawaii because I had fallen in love with the islands and with now wife.  I really wanted to share with visitors how much of  Pearl Harbor has in our great country.  I have always been fascinated with WWII in the Pacific and wanted to share it an interesting.  Were i will capture and educate the young, remind the old of those days.  And also to fulfill the  WWII history buff all to one time.

Q: Couldn’t you just use any Pearl harbor tours selling websites to book your Pearl Harbor Tickets? The Pearl Harbor Visitors Center site –is easy to use? If not, why not?

A:  any of the websites that sell Pearl Harbor tours can be used, but they just are selling any tour and the visitors do not know who will be providing their tour, what type of bus, what package are they really baying, how many historical sites they will be visiting.  All they want to do is get your credit card and book you in anything.  

They know that Pearl Harbor for most people is a one time experience, so they are not concern about you experience because the guest will not be baying another Perl Harbor Tours.  As USS Veteran, we are very proud of what we do and we want our guest to really learn and experience this incredible historical site as they honor, understand and respect the heroes of December 7th, 1941 the day Japan attacked the USA forcing our country to go into WWII.

Q: How many Historical Sites  Pearl Harbor Has? 

The Pearl Harbor Visitors Center Site focus only in one of the four historical site, the Arizona Memorial. The other important historical sites consists of the Battleship Missouri ( impressive battleship and historical location where the Japan Surrender ending  WWII), the Bowfin Submarine (the most decorated WWII submarine with a fascinating collection of WWII memorabilia) and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (the largest aviation museum in the Pacific showcasing an impressive collection of aircrafts  from WWII to the Gulf War) .

Q: What about using the hotel’s concierge to book your Pearl Harbor Tours? 

A: There is many issues with this solution. First, most concierges at the hotels work for commission and they are also interested in booking the guest with the company that pays them the higher commissions.  Usually, the company they use uses large 6o passengers buses that can’t provide a memorable experience.  They totally move you like cattle.  Not the experience you want for your vacation in Hawaii and a Pearl Harbor Tour.

Keep in mind that most concierges on Hawaii are just employees of companies the sell tours and are there just to book you on the tours the pays them the most.  They are not there to inform you or provide the services that you can expect from a concierge. Most of them are not “NCA Certified Concierge” and do not have the consistency of Concierge services excellence.

Q: There are a lot of companies and websites selling on the web. What are the challenges of using those companies and to find and book the Pearl Harbor that is right for the visitor? 

A: There over 300 websites booking and selling Pearl Harbor tickets and tour out there. There is close to 100 companies claiming that they operate pearl harbors tours, yet most of these companies and websites are resellers, most  of them not even in Oahu, Hawaii.

 Most websites are reselling Pearl Harbor tickets and tours from the operator that gives them the higher commission including operators that do not have all the required local, state and federal permits to operate tours.  The owners of these websites are not even active in supporting Pearl Harbor and veterans organizations    

These websites are just misleading the consumer and making it more difficult for visitors to choose the right Pearl Harbor tour.  We honestly do like to help our visitors choose the right Pearl Harbor tour for them based on what they want to experience, the amount of time they want to spent at the WWI Valor in the Pacific  National Monument ( Pearl Harbor Visitor Center) and at the other three historical sites.

Q: So, you actually did something to help solve these problems didn’t you? Why don’t you tell us a bit about your solution…

A: Yes we did; we created It’s the best resource in the web for Pearl Harbor tickets, tours, history and all information Pearl Harbor related.  This community website is 100% dedicated to helping visitors in choosing the Pearl Harbor Tour that is best for them and is for FREE. Its main goal is to make it far easier for guest to choose and book the Pearl Harbor ticket and tour that is right for them.

Q: What makes website different than all the other Pearl Harbor websites on the Web? 

A: It offers over 100 Pearl harbor Tickets and Tour from the best Pearl Harbor Tour Operator giving you the most selections of tour in the internet and we are based in Honolulu, Hawaii a few miles from the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center.

The Pearl Harbor tickets and tours that we offer are AWESOME and we encourage visitors to spent time researching to choose the best Pearl Harbor tour and a ticket for them.   Visitors can also chat or call with our local team to answer any question and get help choosing the right Pearl Harbor experience is completely free of charge with no obligation to book anything.   We also have video, pictures, blogs, forums, infographic and many other resources on the site.

Our company is it is run and owned by USA Veteran with love and respect to these important USA historical sites and we are here solely to help our visitors choose a great Pearl Harbor tours to complement their Hawaii Vacation.

Q: What are some of the things you do to guarantee that  Visit Pearl Harbor Tours has the best tours ?

A: We only use the company that has professional tour guides that are friendly, knowledgeable, fun and the fallow our Pearl Harbor tour guidelines.  The company has to have great transportation, smaller group, and all the state and federal permits to operate Pearl Harbor tours.

We care very deeply about this historical sites and our visitor’s tour experience.  Our transportation partner meet our very demanding 100 % customer satisfaction.

Unlike the other websites, we are not reselling for profit…  It takes us very few hours to support this platform. We just want visitors to get the best pearl harbor tour experience. It is our duty as USA veterans to continue to honor our fallen heroes and educate the general public about this important event and historical sites.

Q: What else could people use your website for?

A: People can use the website for educational purposes and Historical research on the Pearl Harbor Attack and  WWII in the Pacific.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us today?

A: Only to share with people our love for our country and the responsibility to remember and to honor those who serve the USA.  God protect our Armed Forces and God Bless the USA!

Harlin Oliver


I’d like to thank Leo Malagon , President of Discover Hawaii Tours for taking time out of their busy lives to share the story behind their company and the site with us. If you’re looking for to have the best Pearl Harbor Tours or research on Pearl Harbor and WWII and to connect with other WWII history,  you check out their site. Let’s Remember Pearl Harbor

Best Guide to Choosing a Pearl Harbor Tour