The Only Pearl Harbor Tour You Need

Looking for the best Pearl Harbor tour? Here’s what you need to experience Pearl Harbor to the fullest. You must see all of the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites, it’s the only way to discover Pearl Harbor to the fullest. Here’s what to see at Pearl Harbor.

USS Arizona Memorial

Why you must visit the USS Arizona Memorial: No other memorial will move you like the Arizona Memorial, where thousands of visitors honor the battleship’s fallen sailors every day. The experience is unlike anything else in Hawaii. Experience the monumental USS Arizona Memorial, dedicated to the 1,177 sailors who lost their lives in the tragic attack on Pearl Harbor. Memorable moments of quiet contemplation fill the memorial as you walk past the open windows looking over the “Black Tears of the Arizona” on the waters, rainbow-colored oil that is still leaking from the battleship below.

USS Bowfin

Why you must visit the USS Bowfin: Have you ever been inside a submarine? Walk through the Bowfin, America’s most successful sub in World War II. Explore the USS Bowfin Submarine for a real-life example of what it’s like to live on the “Pearl Harbor Avenger”. Experience the Bowfin up-close, walking through the corriders where brave sailors fought the Pacific’s fiercest battle.

USS Missouri

Why you must visit the USS Missouri: The Empire of Japanese surrendered to the United States in 1945 aboard the USS Missouri, effectively ending World War II. Roam the deck of the USS Missouri Battleship and be awed by the glory and power of America’s most renowned battleship, whose massive guns point toward the USS Arizona Memorial to symbolize protection over the fallen sailors.

Pacific Aviation Museum

Why you must visit the Pacific Aviation Museum: It’s the best flight museum in the Pacific, with dozens of wartime aircraft to discover. Soaring in the rafters of Hangar 79 at the Pacific Aviation Museum are vintage planes, majestic machines of flight that will whisk your imagination to the beautiful blue skies. Climb aboard a real Navy helicopter and marvel at the hundreds of levers and buttons that control this amazing vehicle. Learn the wonders of America’s international aerial feats, including the actual Stearman N2S-3 which former President George H.W. Bush flew during his service. If you want to see it all, there’s only one Pearl Harbor tour you’ll ever need

The Complete Pearl Harbor Experience Tour

The name says it: this is the most complete Pearl Harbor tour available.
Included with your tour are the essential attractions: the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. But it’s the added benefits that make this the top Pearl Harbor tour:
  • Round trip Waikiki hotel transportation
  • An expert Pearl Harbor guide
  • Comfortable seats aboard a small group tour bus
  • Navy-authorized access to Ford Island
  • All admission fees included
  • Lunch stop at Pacific Aviation Museum
Experience Pearl Harbor to the fullest and enjoy all the best historic sites of Oahu.

The best of Pearl Harbor, with the best tour guides

You will never forget your visit to Pearl Harbor, the most-visited attraction in Hawaii. We want to share our knowledge of the islands and the wartime events that occurred right here on Oahu. No other tour gives you a complete experience of Pearl Harbor like this tour. Click here to book now.

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