Top 3 Destinations to visit inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (part II)

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Once you’ve seen Mount Kilauea, you’ll want to keep exploring the park. Founded in 1916, even back then people saw something special about this area. While Kilauea is famous for being so active the past 30 years, the much larger and much older Mauna Loa is also worth a visit. Destination number two is this volcano whose name means “long mountain” in Hawaiian. 

There are plenty of Big Island Volcano tours that include both Kilauea and Mauna Loa. It’s best to take a day tour that includes lunch and a mini coach. While you could drive through the park on your own, you’d have to use guide books to get all the information that will be delivered on a narrated tour. Visit today for a selection of Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcano tours. 

Mauna Loa is more than 13,000 feet above sea level. If you were to measure this volcano from it’s base—18,000 feet below the ocean’s surface—the mountain would exceed the height of Mount Everest! In fact, Mauna Lao’s height and bulk makes it the Earth’s single largest mountain. Mauna Loa was responsible for first creating the Big Island and the park stretches from the sea to the volcano’s summit.

This volcano’s wilderness area can be less forgiving than that of Kilauea. The height allows for freezing trails and some rough lava roads as well. The lava takes on all types of shapes and forms making for some neat visuals along the way.

One of the neat things about this volcano is to see all the wreckage caused by eruptions. It’s interesting to see both the destruction and the creation from the volcano. On the one hand, the lava kills anything in its path. But on the other hand, the actual island is growing as a result of the lava—creating new land for wildlife to spring up.

Part of seeing this park will involve lots of hiking. To make sure you’re ready for the trip, read up about the tour online first. Some tours will let you leave gear on the mini coach. This is a nice option because you can bring an extra jacket for a chilly morning or a bag with snacks in case you get hungry along the way. Just be sure to pack plenty of sun block, bug spray and wear comfortable shoes. The better prepared you are for the daytrip, the more enjoyable the tour will be!

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