Why choose Discover Hawaii Tours for Authentic Shark Encounters?

Amaze your family, friends, and coworkers with incredible stories of being face to face one of the ocean’s most dangerous predators! How? With Discover Hawaii Tours, you can experience unreal shark encounters by climbing into the water with the swimming sharks, with only a few inches of aluminum separating you from them and their sharp teeth. Discover Hawaii Tours is the best option for North Shore shark adventures in Oahu!

You’ll never be closer to the action than you are on a tour with Discover Hawaii Tours.. With Discover Hawaii Tours, you’ll have a few options for getting up close and personal with the sharks. The first, the North Shore Shark Cage Encounter, will take you out onto the open ocean, about three miles off the coast of Oahu. The second is a shark encounter with sharks in captivity. This equally thrilling experience takes place at Sea Life Park in Oahu, where you will meet hammerhead, white tip, and sandbar sharks. This tour, Discover  Hawaii’s Sea Life Park Shark Trek Adventure, is the more family friendly option, as it also includes admission to the rest of Sea Life Park and all the incredible exhibits there.

On a tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, the state-of-the-art equipment used for the shark encounter tours should give you peace of mind that you’re safe while you’re on your exciting shark encounter. On the North Shore Shark Encounter, you’ll ride out to open water in a twenty-six-boat to the shark’s natural habitat. Your guide will instruct you on how to use the snorkel gear that Discover Hawaii Tours provides. Then you’ll climb into the aluminum cage and soon be face to face with sharks! The shark encounter at Sea Life Park is similar. Though, rather than being in an aluminum cage, nothing but a steel fence separates you from sharks! Bothe are exciting options for getting close to these incredible creatures.

Finally, with Discover Hawaii Tours, you know that you’re in the best hands with the most knowledgeable staff around. Discover Hawaii staff members have a passion for everything on the beautiful Hawaiian island. In particular, the staff tasked with taking guests on the North Shore shark adventures are equally passionate about the open water and the creatures who live there. Not only are they able to keep you safe and secure while on the boat and in the shark cage, they are ready and willing to answer any questions you have about ocean life, sharks, or the shark encounter experience. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Tickets for these North Shore shark adventures usually go very fast. There’s no time like to the present to experience this once in a life time encounter with real sharks on their own turf. It’s one adventure that you won’t forget soon, so book your spot today on a Hawaii shark encounter in Oahu. Call 808-670-3743 to book yours.

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