Swim With Real Wild Dolphins And Discover Hawaii Tours!

Real Wild Dolphins

Have you ever had the desire to swim with real wild dolphins? Well turn your dream into a reality today with a Discover Hawaii Tours Dolphin Excursion Snorkel Adventure! There are so many incredible choices and tour package options to choose from-Let’s briefly go over a few of them now: 

Oahu Wild Dolphin Snorkel Swim- There are very few tour packages in the world that allow guests to swim alongside a dolphin, but this happens to be one of them. Tourists who select this package will be whisked from Waikiki to the coast of Oahu. Once there, professional naturalists will guide you through the use of your equipment, and aid you every step of the way. Visitors can expect to swim with real live wild dolphins in their natural habitat, and maybe even a sea turtle or two! This is truly one family adventure you won’t want to pass up. 

Sea Life Park Dolphin Swim Adventure- Feel like experiencing the wonders of dolphin swimming within the comforts of the city? Then look no further, because this amazing tour package will fulfill your every expectation. Tourists who head out on this package will be brought to the Sea Life Park, where they will learn a great deal of dolphin education. Watch intently as the dolphins do exciting tricks, and happily dance to performances. Then get your feet wet and swim alongside one!

Sea Life Park Dolphin Royal Swim Adventure- If you are looking for the most interactive dolphin experience possible, then this is the tour package for you. Guests along this tour will head out for the Sea Life Park where they will learn all about dolphins and the habitat they exist in. During your visit you will gaze upon dolphins at play, and even witness a performance. Afterwards, dive in for a hands on approach and swim alongside the dolphins. This tour is family friendly and fun for everyone!

Discover Hawaii Tours is a renowned tour company that knows Hawaii better than anyone, and they aim to prove it to you. Their nonstop dedication to customer satisfaction has captivated millions of guests, and they’d like you to be their next. So what are you waiting for? Call 808-670-3743 and begin planning your Dolphin excursions today!

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