Molokini Crater


About Molokini Crater


Resting 2.5 miles off the southwest coast of Maui is the ancient volcanic crater of Molokini. Home to over 250 species of fish and holding underwater visibility of up to 150 feet, Molokini is often regarded as one of the best diving spots in the world.


Last erupting around 230,000 years ago, the Molokini crater is now only partially exposed making it a great diving spot. The arch of the crater protects the center from ocean currents which diminish visibility. In World War II the United States used Molokini for target practice, but in 1977 the islet and the surrounding 77 acres were made into a Marine Life Conservation District. In fact, such care for the reefs are in place, it is illegal to drop anchors at Molokini and boats moor themselves to buoys to prevent damage to the reef!

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Maui
  • Duration: Approximately 5 -6 hours depending on which snorkeling tour you take.
  • Insider Tip: Visit Molokini on a snorkeling tour early in the morning when the conditions for diving are best.
  • Fun Fact: There are 250 species of fish, 38 species of coral, Green Sea Turtles, Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins who call the area home.
  • What to Expect: LOTS of fish, some turtles, mabye a dolphin, excellent visibility, and an amazing time diving at Molokini!