Maui Sacred Full Moon Yoga Retreat

Aloha from Adrienne Diaz and Amir Madison!

Join us in celebration of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Surrounded by Mother Nature is where we truly experience the essence of yoga asana. Joining together – whether it’s on our mats, in the kitchen, or outdoors – allows the magic to unfold. Whether you find yourself ready to explore Maui’s natural rugged beauty, or in need of rejuvenation at a secluded beach, allow Maui’s bamboo forrests, national parks, and waterfalls to guide you deeper, explore the essence of the true Self, and discover the true meaning of ‘ohana in this reawakening and therapeutic yoga retreat!


The Full Moon in Sagittarius brews all of the electrifying and creative energy. In this retreat, our practice will allow us to be grounded, to be still, and to just simply Be – to set our souls on fire and receive the illumination of our moon.


Ho’ola mamma, Adrienne, has a focus on natural healing, kinesiology, flow, and herbs. Amir, founder of YogiAthlete, has has a passion for strength and conditioning and specializes in working with athletes. Together, the yogi couple believes in sustainability and practices mindfulness through vegan and Ayurvedic cooking. The devine feminine and masculine energy and pure essence of yin and yang is expressed through love with both of their teaching styles.


We are so happy that your path has crossed with ours!


Group Size: We will immerse ourselves in the true meaning of ‘ohana, or family, in this intimate group of 10-15 students

From: $1,776.00

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