Waimea Falls

As the highlight of Waimea Valley, Waimea Falls offers the amazing experience of swimming at a Hawaiian waterfall.


Rainbow Falls

Cascading 80 feet downand over an ancient Hawaiian caveRainbow Falls is at its best when the sun hits the misty waters in the early morning, when mists rise up from the pool below.


Akaka Falls

The spectacular Akaka Falls outside Hilo Town is short hike up to see this spectacular 422 foot waterfall.


Puohokamoa Falls

Cascading over a 200-foot cliff is Lower Puohokamoa Falls, tucked away from the Road to Hana. In fact, many people only stop to see the smaller of the two falls, Upper Puohokamoa, and leave without seeing the best part of all.


Likeke Falls

Likeke Falls is located on a hiking trail which serves as a gateway to authentic, real Hawaii. This hidden Oahu waterfall is an easy hike through the rainforest of the Ko’olau Mountains.