Piilani Highway

South of rural Hana Town, the famous Hana Highway turns into Piilani Highway at Kalepa Bridge. Piilani Highway, also known as the “back road to Hana”, stretches across Maui’s dry, rocky southern landscape, from upcountry Ulupalakua to remote off-the-grid communities like Kipahulu. This largely unpaved, crooked road features some of the most stunning natural landscapes on Maui.


Kaunakakai Town

Kaunakakai is the largest town in Molokai and is home to about half of the island’s population. As of 2010, Molokai’s population was just under 8,000. That gives you an idea of how small and remote this Hawaiian island is.


Father Damien Churches

Father Damien Churches are some of the oldest structures on Molokai. Located throughout the island, this church in particular was built in 1876 and is formerly known as St. Joseph’s Church. It is the second oldest of the Father Damien Churches, and is still open for worship.


Kalaupapa Sea Cliff Lookout

Molokai’s most dramatic scenic lookout on the island’s north coast is the Kalaupapa Sea Cliff Lookout, overlooking the infamous “leper’s colony”, formerly for people with Hansen’s Disease.


Waimea Falls

As the highlight of Waimea Valley, Waimea Falls offers the amazing experience of swimming at a Hawaiian waterfall.


Flat Island (Popoia Island)

The four-acre Flat Island, located about one-fourth mile from Kailua Beach Park, is a favorite resting stop for kayakers and a playground for surfers. A quick trip to Flat Island (Popoia Island) by kayak is essential on a visit to Oahu.


Koko Head Crater Trail

This short but steep hike located on the eastern side of Oahu provides excellent views of the surrounding area. The effort put in to making it to the top is well worth the views you’ll experience.