Piilani Highway

South of rural Hana Town, the famous Hana Highway turns into Piilani Highway at Kalepa Bridge. Piilani Highway, also known as the “back road to Hana”, stretches across Maui’s dry, rocky southern landscape, from upcountry Ulupalakua to remote off-the-grid communities like Kipahulu. This largely unpaved, crooked road features some of the most stunning natural landscapes on Maui.


Kalepa Bridge

Kalepa Bridge marks the end of the Hana Highway (Route 360) and the beginning of Piilani Highway (Route 31), otherwise known as the “back road to Hana”.


Kula Botanical Garden

Kula Botanical Garden is located on the rich slopes of Haleakala in Central Maui. Visitors will find gardens full of beautiful indigenous Hawaiian flowers, and even a Bird sanctuary.


Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a great place for snorkeling and diving on the island of Maui. Honolua Bay is also known for its premier surf break, which during peak seasons can be world class. Honolua Bay is also a part of the Marine Life Conservation District.


Lipoa Point

Lipoa point is part of the Honolua-Mokule’ia Marine Life Conservation District and provides beautiful views of Honolua bay. Lipoa point is also a world class surfing wave during the winter months. There is a mile long coastal hike from Honolua bay to Lipoa point.


Molokini Crater

Home to over 250 species of fish and unparalleled underwater visibility, Molokini is one of the best diving spots in Hawaii and the world!