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Oahu Fishing Charters

Catch big fish in Hawaii, from Marlin to Mahi-Mahi, on your Oahu vacation! Complete with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced sea captains, our Oahu Fishing Charters offer an great opportunity to the fishing enthusiast in all of us: a catch worth boasting about! Book your Oahu fishing charter tour today and get ready for an adventure everyone will enjoy, whether you’re looking for a full-throttle fishing experience or a family-friendly day in Hawaii.

Oahu – Fishing Charters

Half-Day Sport Fishing Exclusive Private Charter

On this half-day sport fishing adventure, join an experienced crew for an exciting Hawaiian experience. Keep your eyes open for today’s catch!

Tour Z102A
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Full-Day Sport Fishing Exclusive Private Charter

Experience the Pacific Ocean on a Full Day Sport Fishing Adventure as you battle for sport fish in the water off Oahu. Search the ocean, and enjoy the beauty of Hawaiian waters during this fun-filled day of sport fishing in Hawaii.

Tour Z101A
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