Oahu Dolphin Excursions

Oahu Dolphin Tours

Next up on your dream vacation list: swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. Jump into the blue ocean waters of Oahu and swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Join expert crew on the adventure of a lifetime as you meet the friendliest, most playful creature in the Pacific Ocean. Spend a fun-filled day on an Oahu Dolphin Tour, book today!

Oahu – Dolphin Excursions

Dolphin Swim & Cultural Cruise

Get on board the catamaran, and start the 3 hrs cruise, sailing to an experience you’ll never forget!

Tour Z178A
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Sea Life Park Dolphin Royal Swim Adventure

The most complete dolphin encounter on all of Oahu! Kiss, ride, hug, and even experience the dolphin power from below.

Tour Z75
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Sea Life Park Dolphin Encounter

Visit Sea Life Park, Hawaii’s version of Sea World, and watch dolphins jump, swim, and play on Oahu’s South Shore.

Tour Z73
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Sea Life Park Dolphin Swim Adventure

Jump in and swim, play, and even ride a dolphin at Oahu’s Sea Life Park. Captive dolphins at Oahu’s interactive park educate, entertain, and impress all that visit!

Tour Z74
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Oahu Wild Dolphin Snorkel Swim

A can’t miss Hawaii activity, snorkel and swim with wild dolphins off Oahu’s coast. Jump in and witness the playful manner of Spinner Dolphins in their natural habitat.

Tour Z70
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