Maui Helicopter Tours

Maui Helicopter Tours

Fly over the island of Maui on one of our top helicopter tours! See the natural beauty of the island and the hidden scenery that is only accessible from the air. There is no better way to see Maui than from the bird’s eye vantage point on board a state of the art helicopter. Discover hidden waterfalls, untouched valleys, miles of sandy beaches and the best of Maui with us today!

Maui – Helicopter Tours

Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour

Complete with an exclusive landing on the slopes of Haleakala, the Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour shows the off the beauty of the island from high above!

Tour Z255
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Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure & Helicopter Tour from Maui

Explore Mt. Kilauea with our Hawaii Volcano Tour & Helicopter adventure! Take a guided tour on the ground & helicopter tour today!

Tour 34M
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Complete Island Maui Helicopter Tour

From the mountains and valleys of West Maui, to the scenic Hana Highway, view the entire island from helicopter. Stunning waterfalls, volcanic crater, lush valleys, and the natural beauty of Maui fill your time in the air.

Tour Z254
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Hana-Haleakala Helicopter Tour

Fly over the island of Maui on a thrilling 55-minute Helicopter Tour, soaring over Haleakala Crater, Maui’s Hana Highway and the quaint town of Hana.

Tour Z251
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West Maui Mountains Helicopter Tour

A thrilling helicopter flight over the lush mountains of West Maui. From a state of the art helicopter, hidden waterfalls, volcanic formations, and many surprises await.

Tour Z252
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West Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter over the stunning mountains of West Maui, across the Pacific Ocean, and fly over the island of Molokai where the world’s largest sea cliffs border the ocean.

Tour Z253
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