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Hawaii Sailing Tours

Perhaps no activity is more authentic to Hawaii than sailing. Ancient Hawaiians navigated these very waters hundreds of years ago and you too can experience the high seas while visiting Hawaii. Join us for a Hawaii sailing tour today!


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North Shore Oahu Coastal Boat Tour

Hawaii sailing at its finest off the coast of Oahu’s North Shore, with views of lush mountains and world-famous beaches. Spot Hawaii’s marine life and enjoy time out on the open ocean with us today!

Tour Z175
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West Oahu Snorkel and Sail Adventure

Discover Hawaii’s underwater world with this fantastic adventure tour. Visit West Oahu, where you set sail to 2 of the best snorkel spots on the island, and sail along Oahu’s coast.

Tour Z76
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Full-Day: Bike and Hike, Snorkel and Sail Adventure

Bike and hike, snorkel and sail during this complete full-day adventure, where you’ll hike through lush rain forest to a 200-foot waterfall, soar down an extinct volcano, and spend the afternoon on the open ocean sailing and snorkeling with Oahu’s tropical marine life!

Tour Z163
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