Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Experience that grand beauty of the Hawaiian Islands on a helicopter tour and flight on board a state of the art helicopter. See historic sites, famous landmarks, Hawaii’s famous beaches, and so much more. Book your Hawaii Helicopter Tours and Rides today!

Helicopter Tours

Soar above the world's most active volcanoes on this one-day trip to the Big Island with Discover Hawaii Tours today!
Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure & Helicopter Tour from Oahu

Experience Hawaii’s only active volcano like never before! View Mt. Kilauea from a helicopter & visit Volcanoes National Park with our expert tour guide.

Tour 34W
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Soar above Oahu's South Shore with Discover Hawaii Tours today!
30-Minute Pali-Makani Helicopter

One of the most popular activities in Hawaii, a helicopter ride is one of the most exciting adventures on Oahu! See the entire South Shore of Oahu and historic downtown Honolulu, plus hidden waterfalls and the island’s best beaches during your 30-minute helicopter tour.

Tour Z701
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Soar above the Island of Oahu and Discover hidden Hawaii on this 45-minute helicopter tour today!
45-Minute Hidden Oahu Helicopter

Experience Oahu from a bird’s eye view. See the island on an helicopter tour that takes you high above Oahu’s dramatic landscapes and famous landmarks. See the North Shore, historic Pearl Harbor, the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Sacred Falls, hidden valleys, and some of Hawaii’s best kept secrets.

Tour Z702
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Soar above the island of Oahu and discover hidden Hawaii! Visit Sacred Falls on this hour-long helicopter adventure.
60-Minute Sacred Falls Helicopter

The most complete of our Oahu helicopter tours, set out for a 60-minute flight to many of Oahu’s must-see sites. Fly over the lush Ko’olau Mountain Range, see Pearl Harbor, and visit Sacred Falls, the tallest waterfall on Oahu, only accessible by helicopter.

Tour Z703
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Scenic Maui Helicopter Tour
Complete Island Maui Helicopter Tour

From the mountains and valleys of West Maui, to the scenic Hana Highway, view the entire island from helicopter. Stunning waterfalls, volcanic crater, lush valleys, and the natural beauty of Maui fill your time in the air.

Tour Z254
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Hana & Haleakala Helicopter Tour
Hana-Haleakala Helicopter Tour

Fly over the island of Maui on a thrilling 55-minute Helicopter Tour, soaring over Haleakala Crater, Maui’s Hana Highway and the quaint town of Hana.

Tour Z251
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West Maui Mountains Helicopter
West Maui Mountains Helicopter Tour

A thrilling helicopter flight over the lush mountains of West Maui. From a state of the art helicopter, hidden waterfalls, volcanic formations, and many surprises await.

Tour Z252
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Maui Helicopter Tour
West Maui and Molokai Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter over the stunning mountains of West Maui, across the Pacific Ocean, and fly over the island of Molokai where the world’s largest sea cliffs border the ocean.

Tour Z253
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Spectacular Maui Helicopter Tour
Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour

Complete with an exclusive landing on the slopes of Haleakala, the Maui Spectacular Helicopter Tour shows the off the beauty of the island from high above!

Tour Z255
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soar above the world's most active volcanoes on the Big Island with Discover Hawaii Tours today!
Circle of Fire & Waterfalls Helicopter Tour

Fly over the world’s most active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. See Mt. Kilauea from above and venture to active lava flows within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, naturally formed volcanic sites, and get a glimpse of Hawaii’s volcanic past.

Tour Z330
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Soar above the Big Island's Kohala Coast and discover massive sea cliffs and beautiful waterfalls with Discover Hawaii Tours today!
Kohala and Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour

Witness the stunning Kohala Coast of Big Island’s North Shore. Massive sea cliffs and spectacular waterfalls are seen from a state-of-the-art helicopter while circling Hawaii’s diverse Big Island landscapes.

Tour Z331
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Big Island Hawaii Spectacular Helicopter Tour
Big Island Spectacular Helicopter Tour

Explore the unique landscapes of Hawaii’s Big Island on a spectacular helicopter adventure. Fly over Mt. Kilauea at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and see the world’s most active volcano, before visiting the massive sea cliffs and waterfalls of the Kohala Coast.

Tour Z333
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Soar above Kauai's Na Pali Coast and discover the beauty of the Garden Isle with Discover Hawaii Tours today!
Kauai Helicopter Tour

Witness the natural beauty of the island of Kauai from a state of the art helicopter. See lush valleys, quaint towns, hidden waterfalls, the stunning Na Pali Coast and the Grand Canyon of the Pacific – Waimea Canyon!

Tour Z630
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