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    by Funkthat23 from Australia. Tour date:May 1st, 2011
    I’m not a fan of the whole tour group thing but I really wanted to see the rest of Oahu. I’m glad I went ahead and did this tour.

    There were only 15 people in our group (everyone was pretty cool) led by our awesome tour guide Joey.

    We learnt A LOT about Oahu that day, and not just about the places we stopped at..mahalo Joey

    There were so many great photo ops! Picturesque beaches, mountains, the waterfall, plants & trees, great ocean & coastline views, the wildlife, Byodo-In temple, and the breathtaking Pali and Hanauma lookouts.

    Oh and the "hike" isn’t much of a hike at all, just think of it as a 25-30 minute (half flat/half uphill – but easy) walk.

    Overall I was VERY happy and satisfied with this tour. You wouldn’t learn or see as much of Oahu if you were to hire a car and go on your own.

    Next time I visit Hawai’i I’ll be definitely booking a Volcano tour.

    MAHALO :)
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