What to Pack for a Hawaiian Zipline Tour


Whether you’re an avid zipliner or trying it out for the first time, you’ll want to come prepared so you look like a pro. When you’re taking a zipline tour, don’t bring much more than the essentials because you don’t want to be weighed down while you attempt to soar above the treetops and alongside waterfalls. Pack smart! Here are a few essentials you’ll want to be sure to bring:

  1. Camera and video camera. This way you can catch some zipline video to show your friends and family back home. A waterproof case is a good idea if you have one. Otherwise you may want to invest in a disposable camera so nothing happens to yours. After all, when you’re moving fast so high above ground, anything could happen to your camera.
  2. Sunscreen. Even though you may not be able to feel the suns rays through the trees, they’re still going to get you and you’ll be outside for several hours so sunscreen is your first layer of protection against it. Apply it once every half hour to ensure you stay protected.
  3. A light waterproof jacket. It may rain during the course of your tour so something light that won’t weigh you down is a good option.
  4. Closed toe shoes. Zipline games are a blast but the game of “where did my left shoe land” is not as much fun as it sounds! Don’t take any chances, wear comfortable shoes that you would wear hiking – you’ll be in them for the majority of the day.
  5. A backpack for all your necessities. Oftentimes tours will have backpacks that you can borrow too, so check out DiscoverHawaiiTours.com to find out if your tour will have something you can borrow.
  6. Bug spray. Needless to say, there are bugs in the rainforest. Arm yourself against any unwanted bug bites so pests leave you alone.
  7. Swimming attire. If you plan to swim at the base of a waterfall as part of your tour you’ll want the appropriate clothing to do so!
  8. A hat. Sunscreen is your first line of protection but that wears off so a hat will serve as good protection from the bright sun above. After all, you’ll be closer to the sun than you’re used to!

Once you have your bag packed you’re ready to embark on your zipline adventure! Discover Hawaii Tours is your best resource to zipline through Oahu. So pick the best tour for your trip, get your bag together and then book your zipline  tour at DiscoverHawaiiTours.com today.

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