What are the Best Sites on Discover Hawaii Tour’s Zipline Tours?

Have you always wanted to fly through the rainforest? Zipline tours are as close as you can get without your own set of wings! Discover Hawaii Tours offers zipline tours both on the Big Island and the island of Kauai that will allow you to take in the rich scent of the waterfalls and plants while you soar high above, and sometimes through them. Create zipline games for the kids to race one another or try to spot waterfalls, birds, or flowers before anyone else in the group. Zipline tours will keep the whole family entranced by the sights that surround them.

The Zipline Big Island Eco-Adventure tour is a 3 hour trek along tracks up to 1600 feet, high above the treetops where participants can overlook the coast, while being guided by some of the most experienced tour guides in Hawaii. Tour times are throughout the morning and afternoon so you will surely be able to find the perfect time for your loved ones to enjoy their first zipline experience on the big island!

If you’re looking for something more remote, try one of Kauai’s zipline tours where you can see where films such as Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones were taped. Next time you’re home watching a movie you can tell your friends that you zipped across those sets! The Lele ‘Eono Zipline Trek not only takes you through the spots where movies were filmed, but also takes you soaring on the zipline waterfalls so close you can feel the water and alongside the treetops. 

Zipline tours will take you through walkways, and over suspension bridges so leave your fear of heights back at home and take a risk that will pay off as you see some of the most magical sights in your life. There are no ziplines back in the suburbs so be sure to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world from a real birds eye perspective! Once you get going you’ll be water-zipping into natural swimming pools like a real pro.

Book your favorite zipline tour with Discover Hawaii Tours at discoverhawaiitours.com today because spots are limited (we have to make sure there’s enough rope to go around!) and filling up faster than you can zip your way through the rainforest!

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