What is a Zipline Eco Adventure?

As you plan your Hawaiian vacation, you may come upon the term “eco tour.” With many Hawaiian natives and companies concerned for the protection of Hawaii’s beautiful, natural wonders, many touring companies offer eco tourism. You may wonder what sets an eco tour apart from all of the other available tour. Put simply, an eco tour focuses on showcases exotic, and often threatened or endangered, natural environments. Many eco tours are led by conservation experts or environmental activists whose primary concerns are protecting natural life. While some eco tours may urge participants to give back to the environment, at their very core, eco tours aim to showcase the natural wonders of the planet as they exist without any human intervention.

For those who love adventure and care deeply for the environment, Hawaii is a fantastic vacation destination. For those who love a unique experience and unparalleled views of the planet, zipline tours are absolutely incredible. Zipline Big Island with Discover Hawaii Tours for a surreal experience of the planet’s beauty and a minimal impact on the environment which you will explore!

Discover Hawaii Tours offers the ever popular Big Island Zipline Eco Adventure Tour. This three hour zipline adventure with eight zipline tracks and a suspension bridge is without a doubt perfect for nature lovers who crave exploration and adventure. You will spot the Big Island’s coast from atop the trees, meet lots of Hawaiian creatures and birds, and be left in awe of the gorgeous tropical scenery.

If you have not yet embarked on a zipline adventure, you may be curious if this adventure is for you. This journey is perfect for those who have often ziplined and those who have never even considered a zipline tour! Your expert zipline guide and environmental activist will be dedicated to only a very small group of people so that you have the best experience possible. 

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