Zip Line: The Rush of Flying Above Trees in Hawaii

Ever dreamt of flying? I do all the time, and every time it makes me want to get out and experience the rush of flying through the air, above the trees in Hawaii.

Zip line now

The easiest and safest way to satisfy that feeling is with a zip line tour. On Oahu, zip lines are limited to a single course in Kaneohe (plans for more zip line courses are underway, soon the island will have many more options!). When you arrive, an expert instructor will help you gear-up for the ride. Now it’s time to zip line.

Get Ready!

Up a two-story tree to a sturdy platform built of wooden. A few final words from the instructor, and your moment is almost here. This is where you take off! Are you ready?

Let’s go!

Don’t just sit there, experience it

Join us on Oahu for a fun time zip lining! Click the button below to get started.

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