What Wildlife Can We Expect to See On Oahu?

The islands of Hawaii might be the perfect location for catching up on rest and relaxation, but you won’t want to spend all of your time catching rays and z’s on the beach. Hawaii is rich in unique and beautiful wildlife and foliage. One of the best islands to visit for the purpose of sightseeing is Oahu. With Discover Hawaii Tours, as you tour Oahu you’ll be spellbound by all of the natural wonder that will be pointed out to you. Here are just a few things you might see. 


Visiting any dense forest area during your time on Oahu? You’ll want to keep a look out for any wild boars. These animals are similar to pigs, but can be quite aggressive. Don’t get too close, unless you’re on a Wild Boar hunt, which is a popular pastime in Hawaii.

You’ll find a wide variety of fruit trees when you travel through Oahu. Not only do these trees provide delicious food but they’re also quite beautiful to look at. A few that you might come across during your stay are: Banana trees, Avacado trees, Papaya trees and Coconut Palms.

Yes, you will probably see a deer during your tropical stay. The Axis Deer was first introduced to Oahu in 1868 as a way to promote wild game hunting. While these animals are considered a bit of a nuisance, they are still beautiful, and lovely to see against the backdrop of Hawaii.

Another interesting land animal is the Hoary Bat. This creature is the only land mammal native to the island of Oahu, and is typically found resting in trees on the outskirts of wooded areas. While it is a somewhat elusive creature, you might have the opportunity to see one if you search hard enough.

Not all of the interesting island life can be found on land, a lot of the excitement happens in the water. One of the most famous of Oahu’s sea creatures is the Dolphin. There are many different types of Dolphins that play near Oahu’s shore, but the most commonly seen by people are the Bottle-nosed Dolphin and the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin.

When discussing popular marine life in Hawaii, don’t forget about whales. These large, majestic creatures can also be seen from the water’s surface. One impressive whale that you might see while on Oahu is the Humpback Whale. This sea creature is drawn to Hawaii’s warm water’s in the winter, and if you’re not taking a whale watching tour they can even be spotted from land.

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