Why You Should Go To A Luau in Hawaii

Many people might think a luau is passe and not on the top of your list of things to do in Hawaii. But I think a luau is an incredible experience that is popular for several great reasons! Keep reading to learn why you should go to a luau.

A luau is a new, exotic experience

A luau is an entirely new experience for most people. Get ready for the swift, dangerous moves of bare-chested fire-knife dancers. (Yes, knives on fire.) Prepare yourself for enchanting music and exciting theatrical feats. You’ve never seen anything like this before. People love experiencing amazing Polynesia dance, music, and arts all in one night. You can’t find anything like a Hawaiian Polynesian luau in other parts of the world—especially if you live on the US Mainland, Canada, the United Kingdom, or even Australia. That’s one reason why people love going to a luau. 

A luau is a cultural hotspot

Today’s Hawaiian luaus come from a traditional background of authentic music, food, and dance. Luaus have become popular with tourists coming to Hawaii, so it’s easy to dismiss a luau as “touristy”. But get this: luaus are cultural hotspots teeming with arts, music, and cuisine.  If you look past cliches about the luau as a tourist attraction, you might discover an amazing mix of authentic culture that appeals to all types of travelers. Locals and travelers would be hard-pressed to find a similar nightly events that offer the same cultural experience.

A luau is about having fun

The men and women who throw a luau can sing and dance their butts off. On top of that, you’re watching professional Polynesian dancers on the beach with an incredible ocean view. Plus, your hosts not only greet you with warm smiles, they also serve you exciting island cuisine. But what it really comes down to is: they know how to have a good time. A luau is all about having fun. You’re drinking tropical drinks, dancing to exciting music, making new friends and watching amazing feats of Polynesian theater right on the beach. A night like this can’t be beat.

Why do you think a luau is worth it?

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