Why A Hawaii Luau Is A Must Do For Your Vacation!

There are a few things that nearly everyone who visits Hawaii have in common. Sunset Instagram photos, a souvenir with their Hawaiian name on it, a sunburn on the flight home, and wanting to feast at a Hawaii luau! Here’s a look at why a Hawaii luau is a must do for your vacation.

The excitement of a Hawaii luau

Thundering drums, relaxing melodies, beautiful hula dancers, danger-defying fireknife performers, and a feast of delicious Hawaiian dishes await you at an exciting Hawaii luau!
If you enjoy going to dinner and a show, then the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau is for you!

The sensation of a Hawaii Luau

While you may be able to have a great time going to a Hawaiian themed party, nothing compares to the sensation of going to a luau in Hawaii. You can feel the pulsing drums in your chest and the smell of savory dishes makes your mouth water. Take the hand of the one you love and let all of your senses indulge themselves on an unforgettable evening at a Hawaii luau!

Culture and tradition at a Hawaii Luau

Possibly the most intriguing reasons to go to a Hawaii luau is to learn about ancient Hawaiian culture and tradition. You can see traditional ceremonies like removing the pig from the imu, and see beautiful hula dancers as they tell the stories of old Hawaii with their gentle hands.
The best part about taking a luau tour is if you wind up having a Mai Tai too many, you’ve already got a ride! Aloooha!

Ready to experience an amazing Hawaii luau?

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