Which Is The One For Me? How To Choose Oahu Island Tours

Has an incredible amount of options presented to you ever given you a terrible case of indecision? Probably right? I know it’s happened to me in the past. With so many different Oahu island tours to choose from, it can be hard to tell if a particular tour is the one that’s right for you. Here’s a lighter look at Oahu island tours to help you in your vacation planning process!

Oahu island tours: A breakdown

There are 2 general types of Oahu island tours: eco tours & circle island tours. While both visit amazing places and see spectacular sights, they are, at the same time, very different.

Circle island tours

Circle island tours are sightseeing tours which include various commercial stops where you can sample local treats and find unique souvenirs for your loved ones. Many circle island tours also stop at places like Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center, letting you see the island’s best spots and popular attractions in just one day!
Focusing on seeing the places and doing the things Hawaii is known for, circle island tours are more of a traditional type of tour. Take a circle island tour if you want to sightsee, relax, souvenir shop, and see attractions in one day.

Eco tours

Eco tours forgo the commercial stops and focus on connecting with Hawaii’s amazing places rather than just seeing the sights. From observing turtles resting on the beach, to swimming at a breathtaking waterfall, or hiking through the tropical rainforest, these aren’t your normal tours…
They still visit plenty of amazing spots and are guided by our local and enthusiastic experts, but offer a completely different experience. Take an eco tour if you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, want a story to go with your vacation pictures, and don’t mind skipping souvenirs and attractions. All you have to do is ask which one’s right for you!
Need some inspiring ideas for what to do while you’re on vacation? Our “Checklist For Hawaii” board on Pinterest is a fun way to research ideas for what to do on your Hawaiian vacation. Here’s 5 easy, cheap, and fun things to do in between all the exciting Hawaii activities you have planned out. It’s from our Hawaii Travel Blog, which is another great resource for planning your trip. If you really want to take your Hawaiian vacation to new heights, check out Oahu island tours via helicopter! See you in paradise, Aloooooha!

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