What’s The Best Beach On Oahu?

If you’re coming to Hawaii and wondering “What’s the best beach on Oahu?” it may be a tough question to answer… It just depends on what you want to do!
Oahu is the island with the most beaches in Hawaii, and many are beautiful in their own way. Some line crescent shaped bays, some have big waves, others are good for snorkeling, each epitomizing beauty in their own way. The best beach on Oahu is best defined by what you’re going to the beach to do, so here’s a look at the best spots for beach activities.

Best beach on Oahu for snorkeling

The best beach on Oahu for snorkeling has to be Hanauma Bay. Bright reefs in shallow waters make Hanauma Bay a perfect place for any age to have their first snorkeling experience. Keep a lookout for Hawaii’s state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a!
Make sure you plan accordingly, Hanauma Bay is closed every Tuesday!

Best beach on Oahu for learning how to surf

While it may come as a surprise, Waikiki Beach is not only the best beach on Oahu for learning how to surf, it’s probably the best beach in the world for learning to surf! Surfing originated in Hawaii and was introduced to the world by Duke Kahanamoku, and Waikiki was his break.
The famous “Waikiki Beachboys” are eager to teach you how to surf and they’ll get you up in no time!

Best beach on Oahu for relaxing

The best beach on Oahu for relaxing is Ala Moana Beach Park. Located in Honolulu near Waikiki, this beautiful beach has one of the largest parks in the area and a gorgeous beach running along it. Not only that, you can have a picnic or play games in the park, and read a book and take a nap in the shade.
Another great part about Ala Moana Beach Park is Magic Island. This lagoon at the end of the park has a breakwater facing the ocean making for very calm waters. It’s a perfect place for little ones to have their first beach experience. See the best of the area without having to lift a foot… Take a fun Segway tour! See Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, Kapiolani Park, historic Honolulu sites, famous Waikiki hotels and much more on the coolest new way to cruise through town!
Ala Moana Beach Park is so nice it was in the running for the Coca Cola initiative contest “America Is Your Park.” The winner will receive a recreation grant of $100,000 and have the title of America’s Best Park!

Best beach on Oahu for seeing turtles

The best beach on Oahu for seeing turtles would have to be Laniakea Beach. Located on Oahu’s famed North Shore, the beach is a popular hangout for Green Sea Turtles when the giant waves of winter aren’t rolling onshore.
Stop and see the turtles of Laniakea on an amazing circle island eco-tour!

Best beach on Oahu for families

The best beach on Oahu for families is Kailua Beach. Soft white sand, tranquil calm waters, and friendly locals make this beach perfect for the whole family to have fun. This beautiful beach lines Kailua Bay which was once a hotspot for Hobie Cat sailboat racing. Today, kiteboarders take full advantage to the trade winds out of the east.
Kailua Beach is so nice, the President and First Family stay at a beachfront estate while vacationing! So which is the best beach on Oahu for you? We hope you find fun no matter what beach you go to this summer! While you’re at the beach, you should enter our Shaka Summer Photo Contest! It’s easy. Take a photo of you or someone you know giving a shaka, and upload it to www.shakasummer.com. Alooooha!

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