What To Do On A Rainy Day In Hawaii

January and February tend to be Hawaii’s wettest months. While everyone packs for fun under the tropical sun, you probably don’t have a plan for a rainy day in Hawaii. Here’s a few tips for how to have fun on vacation if the weather isn’t “cooperating”.

What to do on a rainy day in Hawaii

While a rainy day in Hawaii isn’t something you see a lot in pictures, it is something that happens as late winter turns into spring. But this doesn’t mean it has to spoil your fun! Use these ideas to ‘save the day’ from boring bad weather.

1. Discover Hawaii’s royal heritage on an Iolani Palace tour

If you’ve taken one of our Pearl Harbor tours, you have probably seen the Iolani Palace from the King Kamehameha the Great Statue on a tour through downtown Honolulu.
As the only royal palace on American soil and home to priceless heirlooms from the Hawaiian royal dynasty, a tour of the Iolani Palace is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a great way to spend a rainy day in Hawaii.

2. Hike to a roaring tropical waterfall

The best part about it raining in paradise (besides keeping everything so lush and green of course) is that waterfalls really come to life! Fed by streams high in the mountains, Hawaii’s waterfalls thrive during the rainy season.

While it may be more than a little bit muddy, hiking to a waterfall will be a blast. The rainforest will be alive, the waterfall will be breathtaking, and after getting all muddy and wet, you won’t need the sun to want to jump in the ocean! If hiking to a waterfall sounds too muddy for your taste, you can see plenty of waterfalls on the way to the windward side by driving over the H-3 freeway from Waikiki.

3. Explore the scientific side of paradise at the Bishop Museum

Oahu is home to Hawaii’s largest (and funnest!) museum, the Bishop Museum. With hands-on exhibits in natural sciences, a children’s discovery center, planetarium, ancient Hawaiian artifacts, and has one of the largest insect collections in the United States!

While a visit to a museum may not sound exciting to everyone, there are some truly amazing things to see there! They make 2000 degree lava every day, there’s a complete sperm whale skeleton inside a cutaway paper mache skin, and you won’t see many of the Hawaiian artifacts anywhere else in the world!

4. Don’t worry if it’s raining on a Road to Hana tour

If you’re thinking of journeying on the Road to Hana and its raining, don’t worry! A big highlight of the tour is stopping and seeing all the waterfalls, and after a few good rains, they really start pumping!
Join us in experiencing Maui’s Road to Hana. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride in our luxurious mini-coaches. There’s over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges on the road and you won’t have to worry about a single one when you leave the driving to us.

Preparing for a rainy day in Hawaii

If you’re looking at the weather forecast and it’s looking less than appealing, you can buy the following products to help stay dry throughout the day.

1. Get a plastic poncho

Available at any ABC Store in Waikiki, one of these will help keep you dry in a pinch if it starts to rain. They’re lightweight, cheap, and can dry overnight on your hotel balcony.

2. Head to Walmart in Ala Moana for cheap umbrellas

There’s a Walmart on Keeamoku Street behind the Ala Moana Shopping Center where they have cheap umbrellas. While you can get umbrellas in stores in Waikiki, one benefit to Walmart is souvenir shopping.
They have really good deals on Hawaiian chocolate, coffee, and trinkets. So while a visit to Walmart may not be the first place that pops in your head for souvenir shopping, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Have suggestions for a rainy day in Hawaii?

If you’ve had a rainy day in Hawaii on vacation and have some good tips, be sure to leave a comment and share your advice with our readers! For more tips on Hawaii vacations, check out our Hawaii Travel Blog!

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