What to Bring to the Beach in Hawaii

Need a quick way to get ready for a fun and exciting day at the beach? Our tips on what to bring to the beach in Hawaii will definitely help! With some of the best beaches in the world located in such a small area, make the most out of your time at the beach in Hawaii by being prepared.

What to bring to the beach in Hawaii

One thing on everyone’s vacation to do list is go to the beach in Hawaii. I mean unless you’re allergic to sand (which would be awful if that’s true, I can’t imagine a life without feet in the sand).
The best way to have a great day at the beach in Hawaii is to be prepared! our tips on "What to Bring to the Beach in Hawaii" will help!

The best way to have a great day at the beach in Hawaii is to be prepared! our tips on “What to Bring to the Beach in Hawaii” will help!

Trunks, Towel & Flip Flips

These are the first things to pack in your beach bag. How can you have fun at the beach without them?!

Snorkel Gear

Hawaii’s waters are warm, clear, and great for snorkeling. While some spots are better than others, it’s always fun to swim around and explore. From shell hunting to feeding fish at Hanauma Bay, be sure to experience Hawaii’s underwater wonderland and go snorkeling on your Hawaiian vacation!
If you’re new to snorkeling be sure to check the beach for advisory signs, and if you’re not sure about something it never hurts to ask a lifeguard. They are experts and can advise you on the safest places to snorkel at.

Boogie Board

For some real fun in the sun, bring a boogie board to the beach! Many of Hawaii’s beaches have rolling playful waves that are great for beginners and young ones alike.
Be sure to observe all posted warning signs at the beach, don’t be afraid to talk to a lifeguard if you have a question, and remember “If in doubt, don’t go out!”.

Waterproof Camera

Whether it’s a GoPro, a waterproof iPhone case, or even a disposable camera, a waterproof camera is a great idea for what to bring to the beach in Hawaii. Capture beautiful corals, interesting aquatic wildlife, or even snapping some photos of your special someone playing in the waves is a great way to get incredible vacation photos.
Check out one of our recent underwater adventures on our YouTube page!

Sunscreen, Hat & Sunglasses

Hawaii’s sun is intense… and it will burn you. Located in the tropics, one souvenir you don’t want from Hawaii is a sunburn. While sunscreen is always helpful, take the extra step and protect your face and eyes from the sun’s rays with a stylish vacation hat and some cheap sunglasses you wouldn’t mind taking in the water.
Don’t spend your trip feeling crispy and hiding from the sun. Protect yourself and you’ll be sure to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Umbrella, Chair and Beach Mat

If you really want to set in for the day it’s a good idea to bring a beach chair and umbrella. This way you’re even more protected from the sun, in a comfortable seat, and are easy to find if you have children playing at the beach. Just mind your umbrella if it’s windy! If you’re looking to work on your tan, a straw beach mat is a good thing to lay on. It’ll keep your towel from getting all sandy and can be found for cheap at nearly any ABC Store in Waikiki.

Snacks & Drinks

Snacks and drinks are a great thing to bring to the beach. You can spend more time enjoying the day without having to leave and get food, and a picnic at the beach is a timeless vacation novelty.

Something to Read

Whether it’s an iPad, Kindle Fire or a good old fashioned paperback, bringing something to read at the beach is a fulfilling way to spend time relaxing. Just remember to reapply sunscreen every couple of chapters!

“Construction” Equipment

If you have little ones, toys to play in the sand are a must! From fun animal shapes to the most majestic sand castles you can imagine, you’ll feel like a kid again while you enjoy playing in Hawaii’s soft sand.

Did we miss something to bring to the beach in Hawaii?

If you’ve go a good idea for what to bring to the beach in Hawaii leave a comment and let us know! Hopefully this list helps you have the best beach day in Hawaii ever! Aloha!

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