What Sightseeing is Available from Maui?

Would you be amazed to discover that on a single Hawaiian sightseeing tour you can see not only the beautiful, glimmering sandy beaches and breathtaking blue waters, but also stand on the very spots where history was made more than sixty years ago? Hawaii is not only a destination full of beach fronts, it is also a place of immense cultural and historical significance.
You can experience all of this in a single tour with Discover Hawaii Tours!

  1. Visit the breathtaking beaches. When you embark on the Oahu Circle Island Tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, one of your first stops will be along Oahu’s famous North Shore Beaches. These beaches are known as some of the best places in the world to surf, but you’re also likely to spot a green sea turtle sunning himself on the rocks. All these beaches are excellent opportunities for a little sightseeing or even just a quick dip in the warm, tropical waters.
  2. Experience unique historical and cultural sites. With Discover Hawaii Tours, you can also book a day trip to Pearl Harbor from Maui. There are numerous tour options for doing so. Join the Oahu Circle Island with Pearl Harbor Tour or embark on the Complete Pearl Harbor Experience Tour to immerse yourself in history. On either tour, you’ll have the chance to visit some of Oahu’s most famous historical attractions. You’ll be awed by the USS Arizona Memorial that now sits over the top of the wreckage of the USS Arizona; you’ll be taken by the incredible size of Mighty Mo, or the battle ship the USS Missouri; and you’ll stand in astonishment at the amazing war-time feats of the USS Bowfin. All this and more are available for you to see on a Pearl Harbor, Oahu sightseeing tour.
  3. Have your breath taken away by astounding mountain and ocean views. No trip would be complete without a few short stops at some incredible lookouts. Slowly take in the beautiful landscapes and the sparkling blue waters. At the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, you’ll hear about one of Hawaii’s greatest kings and see the exact site where he led his people to victory in battle. And at the Makapu’u Lookout, you’ll see the lighthouse which still signals outward into the Pacific Ocean. At times during the winter, this lookout is an excellent place to spot whales.

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