What makes our Hawaii tours different?

We pride ourselves on the benefits of our small group Hawaii tours. Why?

Smaller Buses = More Stops

Big buses block traffic, they get in people’s way. And they can’t stop wherever they want. If you’re driving a huge passenger coach, there’s no way you can stop at every scenic site along the way. That’s why we’re dedicated to our deluxe mini-coach buses, because we want to be able to stop at as many sites as possible! Have you ever seen a huge bus on the Road to Hana? We didn’t think so! That’s exactly why we’re able to drive full circle on the Hana Highway.

Fewer Passengers = More Personalized Tours

Our expert guides want to share their Hawaii with you in an intimate, personalized group setting. That’s why we don’t put more than 24 people on each tour, so our tour guides have the chance to get to know you. We want you to remember your friendly tour guide just as much as we want you to remember Hawaii!

Less Loading Time = More Sightseeing

Don’t waste your time waiting for everyone else to get on the bus. ‘Let’s get this show on the road’ and head to the next scenic destination! Stop waiting, start vacationing. It’s possible with a small group tour!

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