What Is a Hawaii Eco Tour?

What is a Hawaiian eco-tour? It’s a adventure that brings you up-close with Hawaii’s nature, rainforests and wildlife – an experience unlike any other Hawaii tour around. Take it from one of the best eco-tour sites day, Hawaii Eco-Adventure Tours:
You won’t spend all day in a tour bus – instead, you’ll explore the rich tropical landscape and discover Hawaii’s geology, flora, fauna, and rich cultural history.
Hawaii Eco Adventure Tours The International Ecotourism Society cites these seven key characteristics of ecotourism:
1) Involves travel to natural destinations 2) Minimizes impact for a green vacation 3) Builds environmental awareness 4) Provides direct financial benefits for conservation 5) Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people 6) Respects local culture 7) Supports human rights and democratic movements
Each eco-tour should follow these criteria: Discover Hawaii Tours offers a large selection of eco tours. Hawaii Eco Adventure Tours delivers a complete range of eco tours!

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