What Do You Know About Menehune? Are They The Leprechauns of Hawaii

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we thought we would give you a peek into the mythological menehune fairy world of Hawaii where little pixie people live and do magical things at night. These wee folks are called Menehune [pronounced meh-neh-HOO-neh] and are believed to live in mystical forests and unseen valleys of Hawaii.

What are Menehune?

Unlike the precocious Leprechauns of Ireland, the Hawaii Menehunes are not mischief seeking little creatures that spend their days hoarding gold coins in pots to be placed at the end of a rainbow. Our Menehune are hard working elfish folk who come out at night to build fishponds, temples, roads and canoes. They eat local banana and love fish. Though fictitious to some, locals believe the Menehune responsible for the building of many “overnight” structures which helped ancient people fish, pray and travel. (Read more about Kauai’s Menehune Ditch and Menehune Fishpond.)
Legends say that Menehunes cannot be seen by the human eye yet many Islanders believe children and some “gifted” adults can see them. If you find yourself on a strenuous hike in Hawaii and unexpectedly come upon a miniature waterfall delicately trickling just enough fluid to quench your thirst, it’s probably because a Menehune put it there. We love our Menehunes, and the census of 1820 even listed 65 living on Kauai! 

Here’s a thought…

Join us on a tour in Kauai and let’s start a 2012 census and count all the Menehune on the island!

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