Whale Watching In Hawaii Is Almost Over

One of the most spectacular seasons here in paradise is coming to a close. Every year Humpback whales swim to Hawaii’s warm tropical waters to give birth and nurse their young. Leaving around April every year, the chance to go whale watching in Hawaii is ending soon!

Whale watching in Hawaii

From exciting breaches with giant splashes to fin slaps and serene whale songs, going whale watching in Hawaii is a rare treat that can only be enjoyed during part of the year. They say that to look into the eye of a whale is almost a spiritual experience. Although I haven’t done this myself, I know someone who has and saw them just after doing so and they had an extremely enlightened sense of being.
There is something magical about these gentle giants, and although you can’t swim with them on tour, any experience getting close to them is special and  exciting!

Get your seats before they’re gone!

With spring breaks beginning to blossom left and right, tours and activities are being booked and available seats are filling up. Booking travel plans in advance is always a good idea so if whale watching is on your list of things to do in Hawaii, now is the time to make your plans! You wouldn’t want to miss the boat now would you?

Don’t miss whale watching in Hawaii!

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