Top 5 rides at Hawaii’s Wet N’ Wild Park!


If you are preparing to start your Wet N Wild Hawaiian tour, then it is imperative that you know what sorts of Wet N Wild rides and attractions are available. The Wet N Wild park is one of the top attractions of Hawaii, and is often filled to capacity. So knowing which attractions best suit you will work wonders in beating the crowds and experiencing the best tour possible. Listed below are some of the most sought after rides found within the Wet N Wild Park:


1. Wet N Wild Island Racer- This 240 ft. long attraction is a competitive race to the finish through winding water-filled slides. Challenge your friends or family to a friendly race, and zoom down it at top speed. This is one tour experience you simply won’t want to miss out on!


2. The Raging River- Get a group together and speed down this 600 ft. water slide into a massive pool below. Guests who try out this tour option will be thrilled by its incredible sharp turns, beautiful canyon sights, and the inevitable adrenaline rush that follows!


3. The Hawaiian Waters Wave Pool- Would you like to experience the ultimate ocean wave pool? Then look no further, because this is one part of the tour package you won’t want to miss! The Hawaiian waters wave pool is filled with over 40,000 gallons of water, and has wave pool swells up to four ft. high. You can experience these in a tube, or even body surf them for a truly authentic Hawaiian feel.


4. The Waianae Coasters- Prepare to be astounded by Hawaii’s most powerful water slides. These four coiling slides twist with maze-like complexity down water rapids at unbelievable speeds. The slides go for over 320 ft. and are a must-do for any thrill seeker.


5. The Keiki Cove- This is a children’s play area that is provided for all guests who are too young to be a part of the water park. The Keiki Cove offers a wide variety of entertainment for the kids, and is certain to hold their attention during your day long stay.


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