Welcome to Haunted Hawaii: Tips from the Experts

We’ve ‘levitated’ around the internet looking for old haunts where Hawaii’s experts on the paranormal share their ghost hunting secrets. Many of you who study Hawaiian history will know that the Hawaiian islands are filled with fascinating folklore. Stories of ‘nightmarchers’ building a massive fishpond in one moonlit night on Kauai continue to bewilder visitors, while tales of a gruesome battle in a gulch in the middle of Oahu spread rumors of Hawaiian spirits roaming the land.For many it’s true, for others it’s hard to believe. But for all those who question the validity of ghost sightings in Hawaii can consider the following tips when capturing evidence as proof.

Ghost hunting tips: Documenting with a camera

From the Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters website, home to a crew dedicated to researching paranormal activity in Hawaii, here are some great tips for ghost hunting heading into the darkness with their cameras:
  • Keep your camera and lenses clean.
  • Flash is only good for 9 – 12 feet from camera.
  • Always take a series of two pictures. This will help to confirm anomalies. If you have an apparent anomaly on one picture, compare it with the second photo. If it appears in both pictures, it’s probably something explainable.
  • Do not take pictures in adverse weather such as rain, mist, fog, or dusty conditions as it may cause the illusion of “orbs”.
  • Do not take pictures while walking on a dusty road. Remove or wear the camera strap to deter it from getting caught in a picture causing “vortexes.”
  • Try your best to avoid shooting in an area with many reflective surfaces. If you need to, make note of each reflective item to compare with the pictures.
  • Long hair must be tied back so no loose strands get caught in a picture.

We’re blogging about Haunted Hawaii this October. Stay tuned for more ghost stories of Hawaii!

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