Wavegarden: Cultivating Perfect Waves Anywhere

A new wave is coming to Oahu, the home of surfing; it’s man-made and can be adapted to all skill levels. Wavegarden is a new technology gaining popularity around the world, it is relatively cheap to operate and will have more people surfing in more places than ever before.

What is a Wavegarden?

Wavegarden is a new technology that was developed in Spain. Its creators combined their love of developing sports facilities, mainly skate parks, and their love of surfing to make one of the most exciting advancements the surfing world has ever seen; making waves accessible to people anywhere in the world, regardless of their proximity to an ocean. Straight from their website, they describe their technology best: “A mass of water is systematically moved over a surface that causes the wave to form and then fold on itself – just like a wave breaking over a reef or sand bar. The difference is that Wavegarden can regulate the size and speed of the wave at will, making it engaging for all different skill levels, from beginner to ripper.” Their endeavor began in 2005, since then they have made many prototypes and tested many different models. Today the Wavegarden is fully operational and plans are in the works to have a functioning wavegarden facility here on the island of Oahu by 2013.

Pursists and Soul Surfers Be Ware!

Just like any advancement in technology, as any surfer can vouch for, there will be those purists and soul surfers who will turn their noses up at the thought. But don’t be so quick to judge! By taking a look around the Wavegarden website you’ll see that the purpose of the Wavegarden is to bring waves to people who are sick of dealing with overcrowded spots, angry locals, and dangerous conditions that exist in some places, while having the smallest environmental impact possible.
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Iulen Elkoro Shreds the Wavegarden

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