Four Reasons You Must Not Miss the Ultimate Circle Island Eco Adventure

So you are planning a vacation to the tropical island of Oahu, but are unsure which tour package is right for you. With so many things to do along an Oahu eco adventure, it can be very difficult to reach a conclusion. That’s why Discover Hawaii Tours has taken the liberty of crafting the most desirable nature tours on the market right now. Their Ultimate Circle Island Eco Adventure Tour is filled with the beautiful sights of pure Oahu, and is certain to thrill. Let’s go over a few of the wonderful stops this tour encompasses:


1. The North Shore Beaches- Home to the best surf conditions in the world, these beaches are famous for their annual surf competitions. Tourists can visit one of the many string beaches along these shores, which include the Waimea Bay, the Sunset Beach, Ehukai, and Laniakea Beach. Spend the day catching some sun, or take a swim in the pristine waters of Oahu’s coast.

2. Halona Blowhole & Halona Cove- The Hawaiian Islands have a long history in volcanic activity, and the remnants of those ancient eruptions can still be seen to this day. Tourists visiting the Halona blowhole can watch firsthand as water jets out of hardened lava tubes and sprays up to 30 feet in the air. These sights are sure to captivate, and are absolutely a must see!

3. Waimea Valley- Travel through this forested haven and experience the sights and sounds of a world untouched by time. Discover the many native plants, trees, and animals found throughout, and walk historical landmarks such as the heiau temple. Along the way, take waterfall hikes to specific locations such as the Waimea Falls-a 45ft tall waterfall that offers tourists the unique experience of swimming in its majestic pools.

4. The La’ie Point- There are many great sights to be seen over a circle island tour of Oahu, but possibly none so great as the legendary La’ie Point. Tourists will enjoy a breathtaking view of the North Shore, as well as the Puka Island. Gain a fresh perspective of the island here, and be mesmerized by the unrivaled beauty that is pure Hawaii.

There is so much involved in an Ultimate Circle Island Eco Adventure that it’s simply impossible to list everything. There are many great eco-tourism packages available over at, so don’t delay. As they say on the island, “Hele mei hoohiwahiwa” or, “Come celebrate!” Book online or call 808-670-3743.

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