Try these Waikiki Shows and Activities

So you’ve decided to set out on an Oahu vacation, and would like to see the sights of Waikiki. There are so many things to do while in Waikiki-From Hawaii shows concerts, to aquarium visitations, to casual spa treatments. In Waikiki there is something for everyone. Discover Hawaii Tours is a Hawaiian interisland tour company that has your interest in mind. It is their goal to make certain your next trip through Waikiki is the greatest possible. So whether you are taking a trip along their “Hawaii History and Culture” tour, their “Battleships of WWII” tour, or something completely different-You are in good hands. For your convenience, a list of some of Waikiki’s most popular tourist attractions have been provided below:

Kapi’olani Park- Looking to have some free recreational fun? This luscious 500-acre park was created in the 1870’s and is host to several festivals all year round. The Kapi’olani bandstand regularly provides free entertainment to any visitors in the area, and admission to the park is free as well.

Music and Dance- Waikiki shows activities and music like no other. In fact, the majority of the resorts, hotels and shopping centers within Waikiki feature free dance and music from some of the island’s top performers. Or if karaoke is more your kind of thing, head on over to one of the many karaoke studios in town and sing your heart out!

Hawaiian History and Culture- Feel like adding some history and culture to your adventure? Many hotels and resorts within Waikiki offer complimentary services that benefit the Oahu tourist. Activities such as lei making, hula dancing, and even lessons on how to play the ukulele are all fairly standard. Not only are these activities fun, they are helpful in providing you with an immersive Hawaiian experience.

Sunset on the Beach- Every month, the natives of Hawaii gather at the Queen’s Surf Beach on a selected Saturday or Sunday for a night of incredible entertainment. Movies are played on thirty foot screens, and many events take place. It is free of charge to everyone, making this a Waikiki must do.

There are so many activities and events to experience while along a Waikiki tour that it would be simply impossible to list them all. For more information on what is available along an Oahu adventure, be sure to check out Discover Hawaii Tour’s fabulous tour packages today!

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