Waikiki Hotel Opens Brand New Photo Exhibit

Waikiki, Hawaii August 1 (DHN) – The Pink Palace of the Pacific is at it again, opening a brand new photo exhibit this Thursday. Starting this August 4, the Waikiki hotel will host a treasure trove of photos featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest stars that stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel during the 30s and 40s. Entitled “Hollywood’s Golden Age in Waikiki,” this introspective exhibit will be held in the Waikiki hotel’s Coronet Lounge. Best of all, the exhibit is free to all and will run through December 31.
The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was the second hotel to open on Waikiki Beach, first opening its doors on February 1, 1927. Over the last 84 years this art deco hotel has become an iconic landmark in Waikiki. Commissioned by William Matson (of Matson Navigation) and designed by the renowned New York City architecture firm of Warren and Wetmore, the Royal Hawaiian was fashioned in an elegant Moorish-Spanish architectural style. The famous hotel last made headlines when it was named as a member to the Historic Hotels of America.

Waikiki’s Royal Hawaiian Hotel Goes Hollywood

The photos from the “Hollywood’s Golden Age in Waikiki” exhibit come from the archives of the Matson Navigation Company. Company archivist Lynn Krantz was responsible for handpicking and researching all the photos for the exhibit. Matson owned the Royal Hawaiian Hotel until 1959, when it was sold to Sheraton. This fascinating exhibit features photos of Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Bing Crosby, Edgar Bergen, Spencer Tracy, Harry Owens, Mickey Rooney and even Shirley Temple. Every Hawaii vacation should include a stop in at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to marvel at the gorgeous architecture and to visit the famous Mai Tai Bar. The first movie to feature the Royal Hawaiian Hotel was “Waikiki Wedding” in 1937. The last time the Royal Hawaiian Hotel starred in a Hollywood film was back in 2002 for Adam Sandler’s “Punch Drunk Love.”

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