Why is Elvis at this Hawaiian Show?

Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’re sure to see a lot! This fantastic Luau (complete with all the BBQ pork you can eat!) is completed with the award winning ‘Ha: Breath of Life’ evening show, with hula, dancing, spears, fire, and so much more!

But for those who aren’t ready, or who may attend other Waikiki entertainment and shows around Oahu, the appearance of none other than the King, Elvis Presley, on many occasions and in many forms, can be surprising. The king of rock and roll can be found in statues, on buildings, through impersonators, and in the airwaves all over the islands.

 Hawaiians still love Elvis, and it isn’t hard to see why! In a sense, he made Hawaii.

Elvis fell in love with Hawaii and its people Hawaii. He described it as paradise, making it his celebrity vacation destination and spending huge amounts of time there. The islands feature in many of his greatest hits, Blue Hawaii, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Hawaiian Sunset, and many more (but you get the idea!).

Blue Hawaii was also the name of one of three feature films he filmed on the islands, along with Girls! Girls! Girls!, and Paradise, Hawaiian Style, huge successes not only in the box office, but culturally. Suddenly, Hawaii was in every theater across the United States and the world, full of beautiful people, hot sun, and green jungle. Tourism picked up almost at once as thousands flocked to see this island paradise.

And then, January 14 1973, Elvis hosted his worldwide Telecast, Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii, to an audience of over one billion. Hawaii went worldwide, and as people came from all over looking for Elvis, his legend naturally merged with that of the island, spawning hundreds of Elvis impersonators, festivals, concerts, features, and more. The king really never has been forgotten.

So, corny or not, you probably will see Elvis in Hawaii in a dozen ways and for a dozen reasons. He is part of Hawaiian history, culture, and legacy, and Hawaii has forever thanked him, thanked him very much!

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