Waikiki Beach to Host Keiki Surf Contest

If a child’s smile can be contagious, then a smile from a child who just caught the wave of their life is downright infectious. The weekend of May 19 & 20, Waikiki Beach will host the 15th Annual T&C Surf Grom Contest. Exclusive to kids ages 12 and under, this contest will be full of family fun and offer the chance for keiki to get more than their feet wet.  

Family Fun at Waikiki Beach!

Located at Kuhio Beach Park in the heart of Waikiki, the kids will surf the famed Queen’s surf break, and the event will feature refreshments, beach games, and the chance to win prizes from their favorite surf companies.  And what better place to inspire a child with surfing than the birthplace of modern surfing: Waikiki Beach. Even the (statue of) Duke Kahanamoku will be in attendance!
  Getting underway on Saturday, the contest will feature shortboard, longboard, and bodyboard divisions with top surfers moving on to the final rounds scheduled for Sunday. There will be “Expression Session” on Sunday featuring kids and adults riding together in a tandem surfing division. Also returning this year is the Kokua division, with adults helping push little ones into waves. Events like this are a perfect way for families who love the ocean to spend time together bonding.  Do you and your family love going to the beach and spending time in the ocean? If so, be sure to stop by if you’re going to be out in Waikiki on May 19 – 20. For more information check out the T&C Grom Contest homepage.
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