Visiting the Valley Isle On Maui Tours

Visiting Maui can be an amazing Hawaiian experience. I think the “Valley Isle” is the most enchantingly beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands, and I would leave at the drop of a hat to go back anytime. Maui tours are an excellent way to see the island and all of its wondrous spots. Here’s a look at our top two Maui tours!

Maui Tours on the Road to Hana

Journey to the “Heart of Old Hawaii” along the Hana Highway. Carving through the lush tropical rainforest, the Road to Hana hugs the southeastern coast of Maui and continues along the southern slopes of Haleakala. Breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful coastal scenery, tropical rainfoest canopies and black sand beaches line this idyllic road for an experience and a journey like no other in Hawaii. We know where the best spots to stop at are and what makes them so special, letting you see more and get the best vacation photos you’ve ever had! Rounding the jungles of southern Maui, the Hana highway leads you noth up the slopes of the ancient Haleakala volcano. Rolling hills and deep valleys are peppered with groves of rainbow eucalyptus trees for a rustic change of scenery.

The advantage of Maui tours

Widely considered to be one of the best drives in the country, Maui tours offers everyone a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. That is the advantage of taking a tour rather than renting a car. Driving luxury mini-coaches, our skilled drivers champion the more than 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges on the Road to Hana. Letting you and whoever you’re with enjoy the scenery. Stopping at the most impressive waterfalls, the most scenic of lookouts, and the darkest of black sand beaches, Maui tours of the Road to Hana are well rounded. A delicious lunch is included at a stop at Waianapanapa Beach where you can go for a dip in the bluest of Hawaii’s waters.
Also, our drivers know all the best spots to stop at, and the secrets about each of them. Friendly and enthusiastic, they love to share their local knowledge and love for Hawaii with you. Touring with a smaller group of up to 24 people allows for a more personalized experience with our guides which will really enhance your trip. You’ll feel like friends with our guides after a day of Maui tours. Check out “The Discover Difference.”For useful travel tips, great vacation ideas, tour information, activity highlights, and everything else Hawaii visit our Travel Blog. If you’re planning your trip and would like to browse and learn about the places to see in Hawaii, check out our free Travel Guide. Thank you for reading, Alooooha!

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